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  1. Mark

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    Ignorance,..what you have prior to learning the facts.

    Ignorance Denied?... When you strive for the facts, and find them. - Where you would go, to expect to find knowledge.

    Catagory Idea's?
  2. tjack

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    A Legion of Hunters

    This group has mad skills. This place should tap into that, develop it further, and strike out at ignorance. (and ignorants!)
  3. should be a beacon of truth, light, and knowledge for ATS. We should be the frontrunners in the fight to eradicate ignorance. Once the site starts to form together with all the new ideas we will carry it forward to make sure that it takes its rightful place among ATS.
  4. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    I dont wanna say the same stuff that has been repeated...


    I think it could be like the Research Forum, where there are groups set out to research the topics at hand. They would get there information from unbiased news sites (if there IS such a thing) and other sites.
  5. DarkHelmet

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    I was just thinking. I know how the url name will be "for sale" in the near future or something. Could this possibly be a way to start up a new ATS site for when the ATS site is no more? I agree with Dreamland. Instead of being a site to just post random stuff, we should make it a sort of "research" site for in-depth investigations of things.
  6. DreamLandMafia

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    If i remember correctly the ATS domain name expires in 2012. Even when that does happen (and ATS is still going) they can just buy the domain name again.

    The world should be over by then anyways. :D

    So it wouldnt even matter if the domain name is reregistered.
  7. DarkHelmet

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    Oh... I thought I read that it expired in just 2 or 3 years... I remember now.
  8. Kellter

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    I have no doubt the Captains will nurture this into something real nice. I'm proud to be able to see this unfold.
  9. TrickmastertricK

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    IMO: I would sway away from the Conspiracy side of things and Make this a Depot of knowledge concerning "Truth" . There is always an arguement for any occasion, so I dont think it would die on the table. Since this will most likely be integrated into ATS, I would Scan the Board and pick up on most of the arguements concerning Facts and integrate them over here. There is a wealth of knowledge over ATS that has only been stepped on.

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  10. If we tried to go that route we could spend years just sifting through the Freemason saga on ATS. I really wouldnt want this board to become a new battleground for trolls just trying to make everyones life miserable. Perhaps it could turn out to be like a sort of " The Buck Stops Here" site where we go and investigate things to the point that we can say here is the way it truly is and let this site be the end of the argument over a topic.
  11. Zsandmann

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    If these are the kind of things you want on you wont be disappointed ;)
  12. Fiorina 161

    Fiorina 161 Member

    this is a "think tank" , all the people that have been
    with the hunt , from the capts ,on down, have showed
    what being a thinking human is all about.
    here i will look to find truth, to find ideas,to talk to "thinkers".
    how many govs going to be looking here to see what they missed?
    no borders here , just people.
    ya , this is a think tank.