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Discussion in 'Technology' started by tablet, Mar 9, 2005.

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    Well that's not surprising. Who didn't see that coming? as we get way too comfortable we want everything in one spot. Kids are clever. Their frame of mind is "More is good." I personally don't believe that having satellite tv, cellphone, video game, computer all in one room is a good idea. A sleeping room should look like a sleeping room, with all this media it can be a distraction as you get older. These kids if they don't throw out those media they'll soon develop bad sleeping habbits and they might as why they can't sleep... well, too many dirt in the room! clean it!

    I personally have a computer in my room but I prefer it out in the living room oneday.

    Kids want to grow up sooo early. Chatting on Phone while Instant Messaging at the same time. That's super multi-task. Wait, it say doing homework while surf the net or talk on phone at same time :0 The mind don't function like that! To fully absorb somethiing you have to put your mind directly to it 100% focus otherwise you're just wasting your time. Kids are training themselve to not pay attention or to focus on things. They're splitting their attention and are dividing it. Homework+music+tv... good combination ;) I have a friend who play game and watch TV at the same TIME! :0 What can I say?

    Some people it's a good thing while others deny it. Which side are you on?

    The kids are not multi-tasking! it's the computer. How can you say downloading music while playing game is Multi-Task? (I know what the quote means, but let's look at it this way)

    Who here turned their room into a media centre? IF your is, please explain (don't worry, I'm not against it, I just find it weird)

    I'm sure you have more things to say than I.
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    When I was a kid I would have to catch a bus and walk in the rain to get to the library to find I had been beaten to the reference book the whole class needed for an assignment.

    Now my children can sit at their desks listen to music / eat / drink/ talk on the phone and find out more information than ever imagined.

    I like it! I think its great for my kids to be able to access whatever they need whenever they want. Listening to music whilst you work can often aid productivity too.

    In fact I want them to be able to take the whole thing further and e mail their homework to school rather than lugging around heavy books all day... (and it would save having to print pictures out!)

    The more access to technology and information the better I think.
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    My room is the only room that is my own. If something is in my room, everyone knows not to touch it, while anything i leave out is fair game.

    This is why i keep my comp in my room.

    And helen, about the homework thing: I do that in one of my classes. Well, actually I upload it to my website and give my teacher the URL, but its nice to have so i can upload a project once I finish it, and don't have to worry about forgetting to bring it to school the next day.

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    Can you imagine what it's like 10 years down the road for the young that have everything in his/her room? Who here do homework and watch TV at the same time? How was it?
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    I use to listen to music and read or do homework, the music killed the silence in the room, but the volume was low anyhow, but if I got distracted I had the TV on, low volume as well.

    I agree with Helen, just as long as parents make sure there are strict rules and to a degree, grades fail, media starts to disappear, kind of an incentive program. But at the same time, there should be a age limit to as when you start placing media in the rooms. Music should always be in the room, as long as you knwo what your kids are listening too. Then TV, but the basic channels/educational channels and with tech today you can program the channels your kids can watch. I think as far as PC's in the room, one is suffice in the house for the child with the parental controls installed starting at 7th grade level, maybe 6th grade level for starters. Then once they hit high school, then move it to the bedroom.

    Now I know when I was in the Corps, one of the last classes I took as far as military advance schools, the school houses were integrating classes to be given on the web, and if it was a unclassified course, you would be able to go back to your barracks or billeting space and access the school material via your own PC if you brought it. The class I took was classified, so we werent able to access back at the barracks, but where ever I was in the schoolhouse I could, which was great. And I know some schools are progressing towards that. Eventaully schools will be that. My wife took her finals for college grad via web, she sat right at home and took them, of course once you start the exam, its timed and if you dont finish, well whatever you answered, well thats it.

    The media in the bedroom is only as good as the parental controls set forth by the parent. As far as the multi tasking, well thats a developed trait, and it can be done. Yes, referring to PC's doing downloads, does do most of the work, but if you are doing homework, downloading a song and lending a ear to a TV show and still able to concentrate, even with friends IMing and calls coming in here and there, thats multi tasking, if you are able to focus on each thing. Now doing it all in a timely manner, that depends on which item you focus mostly on, the call that last 45 min and talked about WHAT? or the TV show for 30 min, you get my point.