Would a philosphy forum be a good idea

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  1. junior_smith

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    i have been talking about this idea for a philosphy forum since the thread was made regarding philosphy, and i haven't got much answers yet.

    there would still be much to be talked about but i think it would be a good way to find knowledge without science, i am a science lover but i think only using a scientific aproah is a naroow-minded view, in many respects science can be like fundemental religious group in that they both have narrow-minded views regarding other beliefs.
  2. Icewolf

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    yeah that is a good idea, but if religion gets brought up what would we do.
  3. Cinderloft

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    I have always thought of Philosophy as the study of thinking/thought. It is a discipline in its own right. Does it lead to discussions of religion, politics, sex, etc? Yes, yes it does. No question about it. Is that bad? Not necessarily. Philosophy is inherintly peaceful. Its the passion behind the people participating that can sway it from one way or another. It is like unbiased reporting, you need to throw certain ways of thought, etc, aside, and allow yourself to think with an open, respectful mind. As for a philosophy forum, I am on the fence with tablet. I could do with or without one, for now anyways. That would be one forum that has to be moderated carefully, and participants would have to adhere to the rules laid out strictly. I myself took some philosophy classes back in the day, and I can say, they did open my mind up to new ways of thinking, and the textbook was great to read on those nights I just couldnt fall asleep. I reccomend a two-chapter dose, it will knock you out. ;)
  4. Icewolf

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    Who would do the monitering and how what wouldn't we want on it?