Earth Science World's largest volcano to erupt SOON!

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by JcMinJapan, Sep 19, 2004.

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    World\'s largest volcano to erupt SOON!

    Ok, we have alot of Earthquakes in Japan, Mt. Asama Erupting there. Now at the same time, Mauna Loa is showing signed of erupting and has tons of earthquakes. Anyone know aif they are all located near the same fault or something that stretches the Pacific? Any ideas in this area?

    If it did erupt, could it start any other reactions outside of Hawaii as well?
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    The techonic plate edge that covers california and japan is known as the "Ring of Fire". That middle one:


    in the very center is hawaii, which is not on a fault, but on a "hot spot". As the techtonic plate moves, so do the islands, but the hotspot remains stationary, so as the technoic plate moves (affecting Japan) the islands move, allowing the hotspot to travel straight up an existing volcano and erupt it.

    other pictures:

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    Well a couple things:

    Yes HAwaii is a hot spot, not affliated with a plate boundary.

    Mauna Loa is not the worlds largest volcano, Hawaii is the most active volcanic area of the world, but the largest volcano goes to the class of volcanos known as supervolcanos a prime example is the Yellowstone Cauldera that put out ash equivalent to 100 Mt Saint Helens when it last erupted 600,000 years ago.

    The ring of fire is the most active seismic and volcanic area on earth, it is flanked by plate boundaries which are consuming the Pacific Ocean plate as the Atlantic plate grows.