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Discussion in 'Puzzles & Games' started by pineappleupsidedown, Dec 12, 2004.

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    Tablet's recent obsession with letter scrambles has got me thinking. What if the latin letters scramble out to something in english? tablet, is there a way to test this?

    una infinitas
    abominatio nascitur autumno
    hic est tuum temptamen quod temptat tua potentia
    viginti tres gradus ad summam potestatem

  2. tablet

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    I got you thinking? Wow. When was the last time I got something thinking.

    Some dictionary has built-in anagram and it can scramble a word into another english words if possible. For example... pineappleupsidedown = unwise poppied planed or slow indue pina pepped. It gave me a lot of list but I decided to pick that two because it make some sense. Dr.Lau has posted a link to an online anagram. Compares to a real dictionary that one is not powerful enough, but it might succeed where others failed.

    So let's see... I don't think this game dictates that you should try to re-arrange these latin words into english. Because alot of english words comes from latin and not vice-versa (i think). So if we go ahead with the above given...

    temptat = attempt
    tua = tau, aut-
    potentia = too many to list
    potestatem = too many to list
    tres = rest, erst
    infinitas = quite a few
    abominatio = biota omnia, quite a few
    nascitur = curtains, nascitur
    autumno = quite a few
    est = set
    gradus = sudra, EDIT:gas rud, not sudra!
    viginti = vig inti

    Some list alot but I pick one that I like. Also those were generated from one word, different result would come out if I combine "abominatio nascitur autumno" for example. Which would give us: numinous bacteria automation. So the result is endless... I don't think BL dictates that you should try to find english words hidden in latin you found at the site. And speaking of clue... Icewolf found very interesting one.

    After typing all this I just realized that this thread is inside a BL thread!!! Therefore it answer my first question. :D

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  3. Icewolf

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    Maybe it's not the undividua; words that need unscrambling but the whole sentences,