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    I just wanted to bring the biggest problem our society is facing..that is not any sort of disease..but rather poverty.. ..albeit it existed thousands of years ago with the whole slavery era..but sadly poverty is still around us ..even in nations that are wealthy and free.. homelessness.. so many people have died.... so why are the rich getting rich and the poor getting poor? I don't understand in the spectrum of wealth and population there is only the extreme right and the extreme left (the very rich and the very poor) does that mean that communist government is better.. where there is no class distinction?

    Why is it that once we get the taste of something that is rich we want more.. from the latest gadgets to the fancy thousand dollar dresses... and companies are willing to provide consumers with that regardless of what resources they are depleting.
    what think you?..Lets eliminate poverty!
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    It's a wonderful sentiment and ultimately doable. A story I posted a few months back - .

    My question would be if we house, clothe and feed all of the world's poor - do we kill the desire to advance, succeed, learn - do we make them sheep to be told what to do and when to do it? There must a concerted effort to teach self sufficiency along with the helping hand - otherwise we simply become the task masters over the less fortunate.

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    To eliminate, you must educate. Poverty will be poverty, can we fix it, NO, can we assist it to where it dwindles in numbers, YES. A large % of poverty level citizens do their best to make ends meet, but can never get the edge, however a % of them, are not educated.

    For instance, look at your welfare lines, you will have a woman sitting there, with 3-6 kids, explain to me this, if you can barely afford it when you had 2 kids, why didnt you like tie the tubes, and say no more. Not saying having kids are a bad thing, but look at the life they will have. No wander you are on welfare.

    Then you have the wealthy and rich, some born into money, some not. Do they do their part in helping the needy? Some Yes, alot No. But all depends on how well educated they are.

    This is another debatable topic as well and I dont want to stir the pot on this, I sort of already did. This is one of those things that will continue on, no matter what we do to stop it. You will always have lazy people out there, who will abuse the system and when questioned why dont they do something about it, they will blame the system, and never blame themselves. Yes some people have had alot of mistakes or just bad things happen, one right after the other, I KNOW, I was there 2 yrs ago, all started with a accident and the next 6 months, everything that could go wrong went wrong, an accident that wasnt my fault but i got screwed by the insurance company, lost the car, then fell ill shortly afterwards, loss pay cause I was out so long, got behind on bills majorly, after I had just caught up from being unemployed for 3 months earlier that year, then lost my job due to cut backs and got evicted 2 wks later...30 yrs old and I had to pack up what little I had left, after I sold everything I owned and crawl back home to live with the parents, embarrassing and it didnt stop for another 2 months after that. But what I did learn is NOT GIVE UP. I busted my hump working 3 jobs, 1 FT 2 PT to catch up, due to the fact I was making just over min wage, but I succeeded.

    Not telling this to look for sympathy, but the fact that I didnt want to be in that situation anymore and I needed to get my life back on track and by doing so I educated myself, not by reading books or going to school, not what I meant by educating. But by learning from my mistakes and learning how to make things better, coming up with a plan, sticking to it and not get greedy. It wasnt until abotu a year ago I had money for the first time and not ONE BILL to pay. Man the feeling I had, of course I was in Iraq, so I couldnt really spend it anywhere, but when I came home, it was nice to just go and do things without having to worry about if I had enough to do anything.

    Thats what I meant when I said: To Eliminate, Must Educate.
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    Yeah I agree with everyone on the issue of poverty. But my concern is about exploitation by multi-billion dollar cooperation’s of the third world population... to what extent are they justified and why aren’t they being held responsible for their acts of ill-treatment towards the mute third world population. I mean to say if you go and buy a pair of Nike shoes you can expect to pay any thing from 90-150 dollars easily and the person who put together those pair of shoes is given perhaps a dollar a day for his or her labor… how does that work.. We can point fingers for all the poverty in this world and ask for assistance from wealthy nations to increase relief of world debt … but the reality is still there is child labor… exploitation of cheap labor.. these people are working ..there is no government assistance for them! Why does the west want more convenience I mean why do we really need video cell-phones (they are neat..but a mere tactic for companies to make the consumers buy their product) The simple answer is that we have a choice we can choose not to buy but its not that easy, because the marketing companies don’t give you that choice. They make you believe that without this product you cannot have an advanced living..
    Sorry I don’t know where I am going with this .. but I hope you see what I am trying to say is that the UN wouldn’t need to ask for assistance from wealthy nations if billion dollar companies play fairly and not rape the dispensable poor third world population employees!
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    I see your point, but still yet again, those companies know how to get away with it, but the employees that work or make items for that company should know better than to work for someone that pays small, but sells big. It has to start there, at their end, if thye were to strike sure it would hurt business, but then again they would hire a bunch of others that need money too. And when people desire income, they will work their butts off for it, even if its a dollar a day.

    Now remember, what might be a dollar to you is worth more in other countries. You have to look at their avg national income per yr. Some countries in Africa is less than 100 USD/yr. Some countries in the SE Asia avg 1000-5000USD/yr. For instance in Iraq, 100USD will feed a family of 4, 3 meals a day for 1 month. When I was in Thailand back so yrs ago, $3.60 a day would feed me 3 healthy hearty meals compared to McDonalds, I cant even get a meal for that.

    Look overall, if people want out of poverty and big business is in there sucking up the cheap labor, it will continue. Look at this country. You have, (!NO OFFENSE!) Mexicans crossing the border to get jobs here. Now think, I am a business type, I need laborers to work my orchad fields, am I going to hire a bunch of American guys and girls that want 7-8 USD an hr or am I going to hire the Mexicans that want 5 USD an hr? I am going to hire the Mexicans, why, cause they are willing to work for less and desire a job. The American girls/guys they want the job but at higher pay, plus after a couple of days or so I will most likely loose 2 or more due to the fact they dont like the job at all. SO dependability is also a factor. See what I mean. Thats how these businesses work. And in 3rd world countries, if you say strike, OK, go ahead strike, I will have replacements in the morning and you wont have a job.

    And you cant hold a billion dollar company accountable for others way of life. Its not like these companies gave them life, bred them, raise them, educate them, etc. Its a bigger picture than you think, will it change NO, can we make changes in the way its done YES, but alot of time will pass before success.