Metaphysics Why Smart People Believe in Weird Things

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by tablet, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. tablet

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    Rarely does anyone weight facts before deciding what to believe.

  2. kiwirobin

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    This is my bigest sceptisism for the democratic prosess.
    All these SMART people placing their votes.
    I mean you guys have a govenor who's major political statagy is
    "I'll be back".

    What you know, what you believe and what accuualy is is relevant.
    A mad man is not aware of his own madness, if I believe something to be true then for me it is true.
  3. bodebliss

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    Do you believe esp exists?
  4. tablet

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    The problem with belief is that one thing leads to another. IF I believe in ESP then I also have to believe in Alien. Vice-versa. I cannot believe in one and denied the other. (IF one belief is wrong, then all belief that are connected to it are also wrong).

    And I might be ignorant for saying that I don't believe in ESP for I haven't look into it. Which is my way of dealing with the unknown. Is not to believe in it UNTIL I hear both side of the story from "smart" people. Then I will make my own judgement based on my experiece and encounter with things.

    For some belief I have to wait for my mind to mature inorder to come to conclusion, for now I put it aside and not think about it. Because it's irrelevant. IF you believe in ESP, I would love you hear your perspective on it.
  5. bodebliss

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    Let's say you've firewalled your mind, but you didn't close all ports, and something in you is broadcasting intent to the universe and I am recieving your broadcast. At that point, anyone who has ears can hear. That is kinda what ESP is like.

    It's like seeing the future which is like ESP, but it is like having a computer with an open port to the future and a filter to discern some activity on the other side.

    If you don't want to participate in the comm, you just tune out those freqs and your safe. There is the danger to your sanity, you know. Especially for the weak of mind.

    There are books that teach how to be more receptive. You could read one, maybe.

    I have been clairvoyant or psychic since I was 5, or earlier. You probably don't want to hear more. I will leave it at that, but psychic powers are not beyond the average person. They must train that, too.
  6. Tebbo

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    great job tablet, i'm with you all the way.

    For most of the time we do choose radical explanations.

    I came to a conclusion the other day about "smart people" wherein people like Einstein, Bell, Franklin, and others are not actually "smart".

    What do you base "smart" on? How do you tell if someone is smart? Do you decide that based on what he knows, or how he comes to know it?

    Einstein and the like are no better than all of us, they are merely slaves to the thought process.
  7. Young William

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    I quess it all depends on what you consider "smart." Not to be sarcastic, but if your referring to intellectual insight, well then, optimism and acceptance seem to be the most miscommunicated messages.
    "Anything is possible," is a saying that I stand by.
  8. Icewolf

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    Smart people believ what they want because they can. I guess it's sort of like being original and not wanting to follow the crowd. For example, when the original scientists said that the earth orbited the sun, they were killed for heresay, what may sound weird could well be the beginnings of new scientific facts.
  9. tablet

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    What do you base "smart" on?
    Good question but also a tough one to answer. I haven't thought about "smart" and what smart is. Or what I based it on. Come to think of it I would say "awareness".

    Smart is like "Focus". Think of the eyes you have and look around. You can only see what you look at. You would be smart in that instant and as soon you look the other way, it all vanished. I look at an apple and you look at an orange. At the moment we both look we would be aware of what we're looking at and therefore in that moment we're smarter than anyone in term of apples and oranges.

    Other might be busy looking at something else, let's say the Sky. And they would be smarter than us in that area. So our position of being smart have switched. Let's get back to the apple/orange example:

    I now would be smarter than you when comes to "apple" and a total ignorant when comes to "orange". IF I want to be as smart as you then I would have to look at Orange, but doing so "Apple" vanished from my perspective. Luckily, that's not the case. We have memory and are able to record the vision, so that everytime we encounter something, that "smart" (or awareness) will be recorded into the mind.

    Now, here's the problem:

    Having all the awareness recorded, does that make a person smart? Let's say you travel to England and I travel to Japan. And Johny doesn't travel. He stays home and when I'm back I tell him everything about Japan, everything that I recorded with my mind.

    Now, is Johny smart? What if you tell him everything about England. He now have knowledge of Japan+England. Is he smarter? What about Susan who doesn't want to travel and therefore know nothing about Japan or England? Would you say she's not smart?

    But remember... she have a good reason for not traveling to England or Japan because she might need to take care of her baby or help someone. So, was her choice a smart one? (I hope you can understand my thought process on this...)

    The whole thing and our whole being here is like "Shopping". We shop for knowledge, we buy, we sell. We exchange, we bargain. Einstein was a great seller. He happened to catch a fish that no one have come across.

    We all can catch a fish, can we not?

    EDIT: To add in...

    To extend my metaphor above a little further.

    A smart person is someone that are able to sell his knowledge to a buyer. I use buying/selling metaphor because none of us are smart. The universe, earth and her nature exist before us. We basically study her and sell the knowledge we gained from it to people here on earth.

    Remember, some seller sell fake stuff. And there are buyer that aren't aware of it and they end up buying it. Are you a victim? You might be!!
  10. badkitty

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    Tablet - I think you have given a basic example here of the difference between intelligence and wisdom. It can be similarly stated as the difference between intellectual understanding and experience. You may describe your trip to Japan, and I may comprehend what you are saying and even remember it word for word, but that is not the same as experiencing Japan.

    So what is smart? We can say a high IQ means you are smart. However, that is only measuring your capacity for logic and reason, it does not mean that you actually apply it in your life. Yet many with a less than stellar IQ manage great feats in life. How can this be? It is a different kind of intelligence - it is Emotional Intelligence or EQ. Emotional intelligence can be equated to wisdom.

    IQ tells me that a ball is a sphere.

    EQ tells me that with a ball I can have a great time! I can play kick-ball or 4-square. I can create an opportunity for social interaction.

    Truly smart people have a blanace of IQ and EQ. Too much IQ and not enough EQ leads to steril, inexperienced coldness and a lack of ability to but concepts into real life situations. And too much EQ without enough IQ leads to many mistakes through tiral and error and even foolishness at times.
  11. tablet

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    Now my friend, that's smart! I hope that answer it for Tebbo.
  12. Ape

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    I have a question what makes an ignorant person start to accept truths?
    I Believe it's when they've been shot down from a high point or just in depression. It's when you feel most alone when you relize so much. At least thats what I believe. When your surrounded by people and having fun you seem not to care about anything eles but to just remain ignorant and un-accepting.
  13. Young William

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    Good Reply Awokenmind,
    You're on the mark when referring to the reality spawned out of a rock-bottom experience, however, don't ever assume that someone is ignorant until you walk in their shoes. There are reasons behind the madness. Everyone has a blueprint for happiness and actualization, it seems that some stop on their path to seek "instant gratification." That may be the point were ignorance becomes a sort of defense mechanism to continually justify their positions.
  14. _Angel_1991

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    How can ignorance be solved? I would think that ignorance is a state of mind engrained into someone since birth and so is extremely hard to "fix". Ignorant people should be shown the truth, not pushed to believe it. Remember, ignorance is lack of knowledge, not the refusal to accept knowledge. If you push someone, they are going to push back.