Human Biology Why do we grow?

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    I was walking around my house this afternoon looking at all the plants blossoming in the spring. I was thinking to myself why do plants have to grow? I was thinking that plants have enough to suport them selves in their earilest stage they really can survive in teh same state for ages with out change so what prompts them to grow? just cuz they can? But this is anatomy and human Bio. So why do WE grow as humans? After we have grown to about the size of a 3 year old we can support ourselves (not in brain power ofcourse) but our body can matain itself with no problems They human race would be perefectly fine staying 3 feet tall and weighing 100 pds. What is it that makes us grow and why do we do it?
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    Can I add a footnote?

    Why do we stop growing?
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    I think I figured it out....

    I went back outside and started looking at my plants and was wondering.. "When are my trees going to be big enough to produce fruit! I love these plums"

    Then the answer was right infront of my face. Reproduction.
    THe orgnaisim has to beable to support the life it is trying to create and in the wild that is the pourpose of life, to procreate, once an orgnasism reaches a size that it can suport reproduction then it will stop growing. It is also why we start small and grow big. So that the parent can use the least ammount of resources to support reproduction.

    Eh? hows that for scientific logic?
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    Just to throw a spanner in the works....what about the mighty oak ?

    It produces acorns when it's quite small, why does it keep growing ?
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    hmm, you got me thinking about these trees reproduce?

    I have always thought it would be great if you could bonsai animals...kittens are so much cuter than cats.
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    Aging is still a mystery to mankind. Scientist do not know exactly WHY we grow but they’ve come up with many theories to explain what we do not yet understand about this aging.

    Take the “Senescene” theory for instant, it states that the rate at which we age and grow old is all predetermined. How fast our cells age and when they die are controlled by the genetic material, according to this theory.

    Now, we all know that life is a gift, it’s a gift to be here on earth but what we don’t understand is why we DIE, why there is an END to it. IF you believe that dying has a purpose then according to Senescene theory we die to prevent over-population and to allow the young to take over our role. Since being old and I mean OLD, there’s not much we can do to strengthen our society so it make sense that the younger group take over as the older group are passing out since the younger are stronger.

    This theory doesn’t explain much why we grow, only why we die! According to this theory, dying has a benefit. Now and then I think of old group passing out and new group taking over, the new group bring in better ideas, genes (not so now..) which is exactly what’s going on in our society when you look at it…

    This theory to me seems a little philosophical, there are many other theories that are more scientific, like the “Cell Replicate theory” where it say that the cell will divide and keep on dividing until it reached its limit, when it wither out you become old. Other theories talk about chemical process and why animal and plants age ect…

    One thing to note is that we have few fact and many theory on aging.

    Now on to the discussion,

    Aging is inevitable and it’s a natural process, why are we fighting it? Bodebliss brought up aging now and then and believe in living “forever”. We want to look young, feel healthy? All this doesn’t make any sense to me when I take Chaos theory, and No-Freewill into account.

    What is this about us that want to fight nature?
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    forget spelling your grammar is downright painfull tablet:@@: but other than that you're basically right