Metaphysics Why Do So Many People Not Like Religion?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Mizar, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Mizar

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    I have often wondered why there is so much dislike for relgion. There are many people who say stuff along the lines of, " I don't believe in a God." OR " I don't want to give up my life to something stupid."

    Relgion may be premisied along the lines of a Diety but thats not all relgion is about. Many people often over look this. "Oh it is jsut a bunch of fairy tales!" You could be right but thats not entirely the point.

    In todays world there is alot of stress, anexiety, and aggervation. Many people are preassured by life and don't have much time to relax and enjoy it simply becasue they are too worried or stressed by life. For many people who are strongly religious they are happy comparied to thoes who are not.

    Relgion is something that give people hope. Relgion gives people something to believe in and to trust. Once someone believes something they become happy in doing it. Relgion isn't just about a God its about happiness. Relgion offers a way for people to find peace and happiness. It offers an excape from the anexty the stree the aggervation. Relgion gives people time to step back and enjoy things.

    Don't get me wrong people outsied of relgion can be happy also. People with relgion have substance and pourpose in their lives. They feel like it. Isn't that the whole point of life? To believe you have pourpose and be happy? Isn't that what it is all about.

    Relgion does not have to be about a diety or some belief. It can be a mean for acheiving happiness and doing good to others so what is so bad about it all?

    Also for many people who say they are non relgious generaly follow a set of beliefes for them sleves. By doing so they are happy. Thats all relgion is. A set of beliefs. Their beliefs help them be happy.

    ( I know my spaces are not in correct paragraphs it was done so the post is eaiser to read )

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    I can't say this is true for anyone else, but I grew up with religion as a focal point and at an early age was able to recognize the social games that are played and found that all the beliefs and idealisms I had been taught were not in evident practice.

    To me, religion became kind of a rationalization for inconsistent behavior - I don't know how many times I looked at someone, including my own family, and see the smile disappear when a particular interaction was over. I just didnt understand the need for these people to put up airs for the sake of a weekly meeting.

    Now that doesn't explain much about my current personal view on religion other than to suggest how I was provoked into finding one, but it should offer a reply to the generality Mizar typed regarding religion, purpose, and happiness - It isn't like that for everyone and religoin is a big reason for a lot of people to allow themselves to be pacified, which is a problem in my opinion if you allow your beliefs to interfere with any real relationships in your life simply by not allocating any time and attention to understand why your opinions are so important.

    That said, religion does work for some people and more power to them, however I prefer to converse with peoplew who can illustrate past "That's what God and/or the Bible tells me how to think."

    But then again, that's just one thought
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    I know plenty of people who dont like religion for it's extremists. For example, they dont like Muslims because "all muslims are terrorists"

    another thing is how the members of a religion seem to always pull the "mighter than thou" attitude. Its not a fun feeling to be around that, so many people join religion.

    I see their point, but i wish people would look more at the religion itself rather than its followers, who dont always follow the relgion correctly.

  4. DeusEx

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    I believe I can sum it up in one expression:

    "Worship the ideal, not the idol."

    Unfortunately, people often worship God, and not what the bible taught. Therein lies my hatred of religion- the inherent hipocracy.

  5. Mizar

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    Oh yes i get exactly what you are saying. I understand fully that some people don't need things like relgionin life to be happy. I know that there are people who could care less about pourpose and happiness in life. My point in the post was to say that relgion does not have to be about a god it can be about a means for acheiveing happiness in our ever so not happy world.
  6. pineappleupsidedown

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    I thought the bible did teach that? I think i have an idea of what you are refering to, but could you please elaborate?

  7. Aubiefan05

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    It should be noted that there's a difference in "not liking" religion and simply not being religious. I was raised Catholic, and I will always have a deep respect for the Church, even though I'm not a practicing member anymore.

    I agree that religion does a lot of good things for a lot of people. I think one reason people can be skeptical of religion is that, historically, organized religion has not always been "pretty." But still, I can't speak for anyone else, but while I'm not religious myself (I guess I fall into the agnostic category), I don't look down on people who do get fulfillment and comfort from religion.

    "Different strokes for different folks", sorry for the cheesy cliche, but I think whatever makes a person feel fulfilled-whether it's praying or working crossword puzzles or caring for pets-is great for them but not necessary for everyone. Religion is only irritating when someone pushes their exact beliefs and doctrines on others and condemns those that don't conform.
  8. DeusEx

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    Let us compare things. How often do you say, oh, stop and think of the Ten Commadnments or Beatitudes instead of saying "Yo, God, gimme this!" or "O Lord, I flatter you!"

    The moral lessons are ignored.

  9. pineappleupsidedown

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    Oh alright DE, i agree with you then, as you can see in my earlier post. The ideas and the religion are not the same as how the followers of the religion act.

  10. Mizar

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    The point of my title was saying that why do so many young people and non relgious look down on people who are. The people who are relgius are generally happy and doing good for other people and helping the world. Why are they mocked and ridiculed? That was one point of my thread. The other of course is : Relgion can be a tool to gain happiness.

    DeusEx I have to agree with you. There are many people who have no clue what anything is or what is going on. the true pourpose of relgionis often forgoten in the real world. People never appoligse or own up to their mistakes. Many talk the talk but can't walk the walk. I have found the catholics that stand up for the faith and have the courage and strength to do what they are "called" to do, to help others and spread peace are often the happiest of people.
  11. amantine

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    Religion and truth

    I'll admit that I look down on religion. All religion is methodogically flawed. Simply believing something is true, doesn't make it true. Because religion claims to be true, but uses a method almost guaranteed to fail to get to that truth, I look down on it.

    Religion can possible contain some truth, but only in the same way that pushing on random keys on your keyboard can result in a correct sentence. The best method we know to get to know truth in the scientific method. By constantly looking at our ideas critically, falsifying our theories and proposing new hypotheses based on our experiences, we really learn to understand the world.

    Science is the result of the scientific method and it is the closest we have gotten to true statements about the world. It doesn't matter how much you believe that the moon is 20 m above the surface of the earth, with such a beliefs you'll never land on the moon.

    Another indication that religion is probably not true is that there are a lot of religions with different ideas. If one is true, the others can't be true. Even if the largest religion is, by some miracle, true, the majority of the religious people were wrong in their beliefs.

    We need true knowledge about the world to make responsible decisions. The scientific method can give us this knowledge. Religion can't.

    If religion were proved by evidence, it wouldn't be religion anymore, but it would be science. I am therefore not in principle a opponent of a god, but I am in principle a opponent of religion.

    Religion and happiness

    It is true that religion gives hope and purpose to people's lives, but you've admitted that other things can give hope and purpose as well. Religion can be very dangerous, because by definition it is based on dogma.

    I'll admit that religion has sometimes allowed civilizations to grow and prosper, but religion has also done a lot of damage. Not only do religions attack other religions, like in the crusades, but they also fight within their own ranks, like the wars between protestants and catholics and they fight the nonreligious in their countries, and even those not in their countries, like the fatwah of Iran against Rushdie. All of these conflicts still happen. The war in Darfur is based on religion, there is still discrimination against atheists. Religions establish a 'we against them'-mentality, that can be very damaging.
  12. tablet

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    edit: conspiracy....
  13. Fitzpatrick

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    Maybe because religion has been the biggest cause of problems and wars for humanity
  14. OhIgnorantOne

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    For me, because religion is man-made. God made life (depending on your meaning of God, be it a force, an energy, a being, an ideal source of all that exists). I personally love all religions, the differences, and the ideas expressed for the be all end all of "peace", however once engaging in any organized set ups, I find they either started by control, mass manipulations, and brutality, or by demand and pressure, which is not anything to do with God (again depending on your understanding of the powers), therefore anything begun by "mankind" has nothing to do with Creation, in my opinion. Also, I find "religion" to be all relative to the culture and geographical location in which it has been started. So to me, "religion" is all relative. And PLEASE remember that this is only my opinion in answer to the original question, and not the opinion of any other person or persons connected to this site. Thank you very much.
  15. OhIgnorantOne

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    I was once told that man can now make other humans by cloning BUT my argument there is that without that "CELL" they can make nothing, so still there is hope for those who seek a higher power to know that something, someone, or some force, WAS able to create that 'cell' in the human being, of which man can only 'borrow' to use for cloning. Ok I am finished now, but of course I might think of something else in the next few seconds and just HAVE to say it. No, just kidding, I think I have already said enough (too much).
  16. wangs0r

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    Why people are hating religion these days? Because society is not based apon religion anymore, younger people are opening there eyes to see that these religions are false. As to say, communication is much better these days, we live in the information age where people can learn about all different sorts of religons. Now when people see that there are hundreds of different types of religons they start to question, "why is there so many?" In history the only relgion you knew was the one that u were taught and grown up with. Since we live in free socities now we can make our own decisions on what we believe.

    Now why i hate religion is that it teaches us very little, yet religious fanatics follow it so much and are not tolerant of any one elses beliefs. Yes u say that u should look at the religion and not the religious people, but the religious people represent what the religion is. Now the only thing religion has taught us is morals. Who is to say that these morals are right in the first place?

    Religion feeds on ignorance and fear. When a child is young, he is pumped full of religion. Youth=Ignorance
    Then he is locked into the religion as he is yet again pumped full of fear that if he doesnt believe, when he dies he will suffer for eternity. Suffering for eternity=Fear
    So this is why i personaly hate religion, it gives the believer really no choice but to believe. They are not there own beliefs but the beliefs set apon them.
    I would have no problem with any religion in the whole world "IF" it was illegal universaly to teach a child under the age of 18 any sort of religion. Then when they reach teh age of 18, they are given the choice to read any religious text from the bible to the satanic bible. Then after the have read all these texts they can choose what they want to believe. Religion doesnt give the believe a option to not believe. I know yes there are people who break away from there religion but this is a minority.

    I would like to also state that religion and god/gods are MAN MADE CREATIONS, they are beliefs and enitities that humans created with in there own mind.
    So for a person to say a god exists, they are living in a delusion as they only exist in there own mind. This is the hardest thing to explain to a religous fanatic.

    Finaly i dont hate religious people, deep down i feel sorry for them.....i know this is patronising, but they are people who are not looking for the truth, they are people who are satisfied with a lie. They base their whole life around this lie, and are wholly dependent on it, i would not dare take this away from them now as it is just plain cruel. I just hope that our next generation will grow and search for the truth in life.
    Sorry for any spelling mistakes lol
  17. OhIgnorantOne

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    Some self-proclaimed 'important older atheist person' has now said that he believes there is a superior intelligence 'of some kind' in the creation of the universe...BUT that he still doesn't accept that this 'intelligence or God' (as called by some people) becomes involved with the everyday lives of humans etc. He claims that he has done great studies as an Atheist and admits a specifice creative force, influence, or entity.

    I would think that anyones view would be based upon their own individual experience and teachings from birth, parental influence, outside instructions within cultural institutions they attend. BUT what would people be like I wonder, if from infancy they were taught absolutely nothing and grew to know only what they learned by their own little experiences, without the benefits of older or wiser counterparts. Of course we'd probably have a lot of youngsters who burned their hands in the fire, because they didn't know it was hot, unless of course they didn't learn how to light their own fires in the first place, in which case they would probably die from eating potentially carnivourous tainted products, poison berries, or molded nuts and grass, because no one taught them about such things.

    Oh so much to be bothered to try to insist is or isn't real, but I think each person knows for themselves, their innermost feelings, or connections to the cosmos and their place within it, just by knowing that 'peacefullness' or 'contentedness' within themselves, that they get when they have 'found' their own inner spirit, in whatever means avails itself to them. I think each of us finds it at different times and in different ways and some never do, of course, which is why they have so many locked behind bars for brutality etc. I would suggest that those types have not bothered to find their own souls destiny, let alone find the soul force in others.

    I don't think, however, it is incumbent upon anyone to ever try to tear someone's beliefs from them, especially if that belief makes them a loving, and humanistic individual. Nor should anyone of us ever be guilty of belittling another's belief because it does not agree with our own. People who choose peaceful means, to do good works among and for others, to comfort and have compassion for all of life, should be congratulated. I wonder how many people would sit for months and watch a case in court where a decent person was being tried for saving another person's life...well that's right...not many! But just look at the devotees who can't get enough of the Court TV cases and the months of dedicated viewing for someone convicted of murdering a woman and her baby...sort of goes to show some of the problems of society since the 'old' religious beliefs have been thrown out of the windows in the last thirty years or so. Sure they had bad people back then too, but we didn't have near the numbers as these days.
  18. tablet

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    Well said. I think that conclude it. :cheers:
  19. Aubiefan05

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    I'm not religious, but I think that it does serve a really good purpose for some people.
    That pretty much sums up my own views, I agree totally, you put it extremely well.:up::D
  20. Aubiefan05

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    On a side note, I came across this quote by Mark Twain that I thought might be relevant on this thread.

    "In religion and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination"

    [Mark Twain]