Sociology Why Are There Prostitutes?

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by oortpower, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. oortpower

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    Why do we have prostitutes on our streets? Why do people to sell their bodies? On the site they talk about how bad it is. So why do so many people do it? Why is there even a market for it? Is it something wrong with us as a society?
  2. 1Reshin2

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    Why is there ****?:$$:
    Why are there lawyers?:$$:
    Why do we have a government?:$$:
    Basicly prostitution is a job like any other, yes they enjoy it, thats why they keep at it so long. Also I believe that their apparently good if their making good money off of what they do.

    P.S. Another randem fact is in Saginaw, MI one part of town the prostitues killed their pimps just cause they got pissed of at them.
  3. Ape

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    I agree da h*s do it for the money.:$$:
  4. Bleys

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    :bash: Why not prostitution? There is a reason that it is the world's oldest profession.

    I see nothing wrong with selling sexual favors for money - A trading of a skill for monetary gain. The problem with the current system is woman are forced into the lifestyle to satisfy 1)a drug habit, 2) just to survive or 3) someone is making them. So for me regulation is the key and would resolve most the problems with it.

    Look at the pornographic industry - 30 years ago it used and abused the men and women it employed. They would make a few films, receive little pay and drug use was rampant. Today - the women call the shots, being paid well and clean behavior is closely monitored. Is it perfect - not by a long shot, but it is getting better every year.

    Prostitution is and will always be a part of our society regardless of religous punditry or health risks, people will justify their actions. The best we can hope for is to keep the women, and men, clean through regulation.

  5. kiwirobin

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    In agreement with Bley's, could you imagion a world without the sex industry?
    Where would all that loneliness and frustration be released and how?
    But that said, lets not forget the many, woman, men and children that are forced into this profession. Being personally violated against their will due to circumstance.
  6. junior_smith

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    the pimps do it for the money,
    and the prostitutes do it to survive
  7. 1Reshin2

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    Yes, and regulations can't be made until its made legal. They won't do that, because then they woudl have to pay taxes and too many people would be "offended"
    Prostitutes do it for not jsut one reason: survival, money, or pleasure.
  8. Gopher

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    Ask the women in Las Vegas? They seem to be doing okay.
  9. Young William

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    Esteem is something of a butter consistency, because even when it's of strong consistency, it can be melted down in seconds. We all face this battle, however, from a female's standpoint, it would seem that attention is so very vital to continuance.
  10. mscbkc070904

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    Prostitution is much liek the porn industry...even prostitutes dont go on forever, unless they got the body and the looks that keep them young looking and appealing. Alot of them do it for the money, cause its quick, under the table, discreet (in the manner of how they protray themselves, i.e. call girls, or vip girls). And everybody wants a one night stand where they dont have to wine and dine, just call, stop by get your groove on and move on. When people stop doing that, then prostitution will eventually start to decrease...but as much as sex influences are society and partially are way of thinking in some forms, it wont go away. You can block it, but you will never make it go away completely.
  11. bodebliss

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    Why do prostitutes exist?

    Oh, come on. There's money to be made . That's why!
  12. Montana

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    Since it has been a part of every society I can think of, I don't think it would be accurate to blame it on 'our' society. Prostitutes are frequently abused people, which I feel is a shame in a way. Someone who is emotionally capable of serving up one of the most enjoyable activities available to humans should be treated with respect, don't you think?
  13. Fitzpatrick

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    I dont think that all prostitutes like sex and do it because they enjoy it.

    Some people are forced to do it against there will
    Some peolple do it for a drug addiction

    It has existed a long time, and if the women enjoys it and the quick money then fair enough, but people being forced into it or doing it for drug money then its not something i would wish on a person
  14. oortpower

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    If the people that were saying the the prostitutes enjoy it had actually gone to the link they would realize otherwise. Some societies can have prositiution without the issues in our society. Babylonians had ritual prostitution and weren't worse off for it. I understand this. Why though would be people get into the America style of prositution. If it was a legal legitamate industry like the pornography industry then i bet it would be better for the women. I wonder what its like with the Dutch, is their legal prostitution as bad for the women? Don't generalize that all the women choose to do it, anybody remeber that girl who was abducted, taken to Mexico and sold into prostitution? She didn't want to be violated by random men. Thailand has a huge child prostitution problem I bet those little five year olds didn't want to.
  15. JcMinJapan

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    Well, forced prostitution is more of slavery than real prostitution. We are getting into a different areas in that respects. What we are talking about is prostitution in itself and should with held to the consenting adult side of it.

    You cannot compare anything to forced prostitution and it should be dealt with as a completely seperate event as they are definately not one and the same. Although in the same arena of jobs, but not the same profession. That would be the same as saying that a professional farmer is not good as slaves were forced to work in the fields or being an assembly line worker in a factory is bad because there are kids working insweatshops in 3rd world countries. Anything and any job will become negative and terrible if it is forced. So, I think if you talk about prostitution here, then keep it to the consenting adult side, as the other side is into a completely different area of forced labor.