Metaphysics Whos the greatest person you know?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Ape, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. Ape

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    I'm just curious to see who your role-model or just your favorite person in history (other than yourselves) is. Be it your parents or Einstein who ever and tell your reason.
  2. /Future Corpse/

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    My god-father. He was crippled, put up with the crap that the world gave him and only gave back love. I, nor anyone I have ever known, could be half the man that he was.
  3. Bleys

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    :hail: I also have to go with a parent - my dad. Dropped out of school at 13, worked road construction and in the phosphate mines until he was 20. Got a job working on landing gear for the Air Force as a civilian. He decided to go back to school at night - it took him 15 years but he got his Masters in Logistical Engineering and Statistics. Just before he retired he was negotiating multi-million dollar deals between US companies and the governments of Turkey, Bahrain, Egypt, and Greece. Quite an accomplishment for redneck dropout from the farm.

    I know I gush, but I cannot imagine overcoming so much. He has been such a great role model for me and helped me aspire to be the best in whatever endeavor I attempted.

    A true daddy's girl,
  4. blueknight

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    My hero is my daughter. Her name is Grace. I was engaged to a wonderful lady in the summer of 2003 and we were to be wed in August of that year. It was "medically impossible" for her to get pregnant, but in June she did just that. We put the wedding off until May 2004 because we could not afford prenatal care and a wedding at the same time. On February 27th, 2004 my baby Grace was born and her mother died on March 4th from childbirth complications. Baby Grace beat all odds to come into this world and now she has to grow up without a mommy. She will do fine though and I am so proud of her. She entered the world as a fighter and she will be a great success at whatever she does. She is my pride and joy. May our beloved Michele rest in peace............
  5. overrocked

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    civil disobedience
  6. Ape

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    Well first let me say rest in peace Michele and a great life to Blueknight and grace anyway my parents are bums I love them to death but there not really role-model material but I really don't know who my role model is. If I were to have a role model the closest thing to it would have be the things the people say on ID. Good stuff. Learned alot.
  7. kiwirobin

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    There are so many examples of people that face daily hardships that make mine dissolve into insignificance.
    Sure I could write a list of well knows but for me it's the homeless cripple that you never hear complain. The solo mother that works selflessly for little to provide for her family and then willingly shares a simple meal with you. The child with a terminal illlness that gives you the biggest of smiles.
    These are the ones who put me in my place and make me humble.
  8. mscbkc070904

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    My wife, she is the power strength, good, kind, caring, loving, the best person in the world, before her I was nothing really, just an ordinary man with a negative attitude on life, when she came into my life, everything changed for the better. She taught me so many things baout myself, she is truly one of a kind.
  9. JcMinJapan

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    Myself! :pbjtime::pbjtime::pbjtime::pbjtime:
  10. Gopher

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    JC always in character! :ham:

    Lets see here...I don't have a role-model, hero...I'll pick...

    Leonardo da Vinci for he was a man of many talents and interests.
  11. pantherlady39

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    i have to say my mother she raised four kid's all by herself and she did a darn good job. :)
  12. Ikebana

    Ikebana Member

    My son. I spent my life teaching him to do as many things as he wanted to do. He is doing all the things I wished I'd done and had the courage to do. Even though I didn't face my fears and step out as a younger person, he's succeeded where I failed. He's great.
  13. Young William

    Young William Premium Member

    That's a catchall, but I'll select Martin Luther King Jr. It takes alot of , well not just guts, but something that words can't describe. The 60's were an answer, JFK was ............... It's not just by lobbying in D.C. that MLk got A National Holiday, does JFK, or rFK, have one??????????
  14. badkitty

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    This is an easy one - my father is the greatest person I know. He is humble, honest, hard working, patient, kind, intelligent, strong of spirit and conviction and very wise. He is the greatest man that ever lived as far as I'm concerned. Made it really hard to find a husband because no one can compare to my daddy.
  15. 1Reshin2

    1Reshin2 Member

    I'm tired I've type for the past hour and a half about all that, but I minus well start a thread over what all I've type as soon as I can type it all again. That and it doesn't help that I can't get a good nights sleep because I worry about my girlfriend.
  16. 1Reshin2

    1Reshin2 Member

    Heres my point, I have no hero, rolemodel, or any sort of particular guidance from anyone. I have depression like noone on this Earth can imagine. When I was a child I would cry so much I would literally get sick and I would still cry. Last night I remembered my past, the one I tried to dash away and forget. The only people I know as suicidal as me are in padded rooms with medication and straight jackets. As for I, I survived just to live for one thing, my truest love. I can proove that anyone can live no matter what. I am 19 years of age, my dad did beat me, but not abusively only because he promised my mother. I am considered good looking yet I hate my face, the only reason I'm skinny is because I'm afraid to eat. When I eat then I cry, and I get sick and I barf, I try to find humor to cheer myself up just so I can live a little longer just to see my truest love longer. Yes, I am religious, even with that I would kill myself just to end the pain. When I was born I was poor, now my dad gets on me about spending money. I only want to enjoy life for the simple things. Noone else made me humble I made myself humble just so I could live.
    If thats not determination, I really don't know what is
    (Yes, this is as short as I could get it)
  17. Ape

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    1Reshin2 I had a very close friend. We'll call him Josh. Josh was kind of in the position you described your self to be in. He had a terible younger childhod. He was considered an outkast by most people and all he had left was his girlfriend. They loved eachother like no ones ever seen a real Romio and Juliet. But good things don't last forever. Things got bad for Josh he became possesive. He only had "juliet" and they got in a fight Josh lost it. Juliet went to the cops thinking Josh would kill here and later that night he commited suicide.
    He made a permanet decision for a temporary problem, he thought no one loved him when in reality I along with others shed tears for him.
    You are never alone you have yourself. No one eles matters. Be someone. I also have no rolemodel the world seem to have endless suffering. People now seem to have no hearts. They say things that can hurt people but pay no attention to there act. Find a hobby that brings you joy Devote yourself to it. Help someone. When you do something nice you feel good and if they spit it back at you or something bad happens in result of that good deed no worrys just smile and let it brush off your shoulder. show you are better than this world of evil and be the light at the end of the tunnel for someone. If no one loves you know this .....I love you 1Reshin2 (not #@!&%-sexually) but just for leaving that post, I believe your brave I believe you can be a better person than your father iever was and if he shows you anger and haterd only show him love and compassion he'll probably be confused but kindness kills meanes always learned that from a beautiful mind on this website.
  18. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member


    I would say that life is tough for everyone. From the beggar on the street to the Corporate CEO. The situations for each are totally different, but yet, it takes alot for each to keep their heads above water. The world itself is not helping the situation. The news shows death, fighting and the rotten side to most of life. But, life is wonderful, finding the few people that you can associate with is tough, but very possible and can also be a wonderful adventure if you think of it like that. I think that most people end up concentrating on the negatives of life in this world and do not really think of all the wonderful things that there are int his world and universe. From the lowly ant to the tallest mountain, there is wonder in the world. People now-a-days do not wake up just to watch a sunrise and also take the time to watch the sunset. For me, I try to do it as much as possible, these are such amazing events and are great times for contemplating life and seeing how truly wonderful nature and this world are. Also, I enjoy lying out on the grass and watching the moon at night.

    Work should just be for making a living, but the main thing of life should be just living... enjoy it, forget the bad stuff. I let it brush off of me and try to focus on the good stuff. Most of the time, the good stuff in the simplest stuff as well.

    I think a persons rolemodel can be anyone. MLK is a great example above, but so are peoples parents, or even the doughnut vending guy that is working hard and always finds something to smile about. Whether a rolemodel is someone famous or completely unknown does not make a difference as long as when you look at them, you can have a happy thought and know that that is how you would like to conduct yourself.

    Contemplating suicide does not solve anything, it only makes you hate life more and focus your attention away from the real problem and how you can solve it. Focus on the good things in life and remember that there are people that have things alot worse than you. Look at the starving kids in Africa, the Kids dieing in Iraq and Palestine, and many other sufferings of people from around the world. Focusing on helping others and making others smile is a way to not only make others happy, but make yourself happy as well.

    Also, remember that if things are not going right, every second is a wasted second that you could have changed it. Change is just making up your mind to do it and find a way to get it done.

    Here is a photo that I always love to look at. We live in a fantastic universe and and extremely interesting planet if we just remember that. Life is actually preety wonderful once you start to LIVE IT!

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  19. Ape

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    "Lifes a garden dig it" Joe Dirt
  20. 1Reshin2

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    Well I only thought of suicide obviously I haven't done such, I only told you this to get off of my chest, to help relieve the tension. I understand theres more to life, I lived for more than just one reason. To prove to people that anyone can have the will to do what they want. My past was done I try to live on forgetting it, but each time I remember, it hurts more and more. I do look for the lighter side, I do help others to get enjoy. I also tell people bits of it like I told you, so I can relax a little bit more when I remember it, knowing someones out there to :help: I have been an outkast for about all of my life. I also moved all my life, so its really hard to make new friends all the time.
    Also I like that pic, the space station helps me get my mind off of life, thinking of freedom, being away from idiots, and getting to see things in a new way, especially our world.....