News @ ID Who owns your emails/online chat content?

Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by tablet, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. tablet

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    Really now, who really owns your email? In the case below, does Yahoo have the rights to keep all the messages?

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  2. bodebliss

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    They'll release them to the police in a heartbeat.
  3. JcMinJapan

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    I would have to agree with Yahoo! on this one. I realize that the guy is dead and his dad wants to do something nice. But..... To give over the mails to the father could cause unforeseen problems.

    What if there were personal problems or family problems that this young man was going through and he did not want his family or anyone else to know about, except for the person he sent the mail to?

    This is just one of many cases I could picture happening and although the intention is wonderful, it is something that could potentially blow up. AND...... As we all know, Americans LOVE TO SUE. Well, Yahoo! would be opening up a gigantic can of worms if anything happened.

    Unless court ordered, I would not release it myself. That way, the company is covered if something bad turns up.

    Who owns the mail? Yahoo! does..... Why? We use their service, we use their software, we use their hardware, and we are not paying for the free mail service. I have not read their acceptance agreement when you make an account, but it probably lays out the legal ownership stuff.

    My suggestion to the fater is to try and contact HIS service to get the mails back that he deleted off his own system. Hopefully the company keeps them for him. If not, he should go back in his memory and write all the fond things he can remember.
  4. helenheaven

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    I strongly agree with Yahoo too.

    When I worked for an ISP we often had police requests for re-setting of passwords to access deceased persons' accounts, especially in the case of suicides, but even the police only used the information to look for any evidence that might be needed, they didn't give the family open access to the account.

    It is an important area of privacy law and my belief that the family would not benefit from reading his personal correspondence.

    However, any forensic specialist would likely to be able to recover the e mails sent from the computer's hard drive. I read a case recently where ALL information was retrieved from a computer that had been burned in a suspicious fire.
  5. I have a file cabinet...yes paper work, but I keep copies of all my e-mails from family, business and friends in it. Important or not.. Call me parinoid...I don't care, but as a retired registered nurse I learned to CYA (cover my ARSE) Got a filing cabinet full of e-mail copies.
    I personally think BIG BROTHER can do anything they please. Just another way to have control over someone elses life.:@@:

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  6. bodebliss

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    You can always put that on a cd.
  7. marg6043

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    Well I have not Yahoo accounts and I have a private server and I keep my E-mails accounts with it.
  8. pineappleupsidedown

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    What confuses me is why the man did not have copies of the emails himself. You can set your email account to save copies of sent messages, and he could have saved all the ones his son sent him.

    I agree with Yahoo as well.

  9. helenheaven

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  10. tablet

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    Just changed the title so we can discuss both email and online chat. AOL just update its [terms of service] quietly for its Instant Messenger (AIM). This is PRIVACY related.

    So that mean if I and a friend started a collaborate project on art or poetry and we passed our work back and forth AOL will have the right to take our work and do whatever it want with it? OH MY!!!!! :0 :wow:

    Does AOL have such right? One of you said that we use their product and services (Yahoo!) so they have the right to keep our content and what they do with it Who know!
  11. helenheaven

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    Well AOL has the right to set whatever terms of service they choose. However, they cannot contract outside of the law, so some of those provisions could be tested in court.

    A good analogy would be your phone provider, would you want them to listen to your conversations and be able to use the content of those conversations....? 100% of us would say NO I imagine.
  12. pineappleupsidedown

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    My guess is that due to the large amounts of corruption in AOL, they are just trying to cover their behinds

  13. JcMinJapan

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    Yahoo has been foreced to give the mails. I personally do not agree. As you can see the family is still not happy with what they got. There are also numerous mails from people they have no idea who they are. This is an invasion of privacy of those people. I am sorry if I sound cold, but I personally feel that this is the wrong decision. If anything, the court should only allow mails passed to/from his fathers address and his. NOT EVERYTHING...... If I die, I would not want all my mails opened up to my family.