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Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by Icewolf, Jan 26, 2005.

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    If the universe is expanding, and there's nothing outside the universe, what's it expanding into?
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    Deja Fing Vou! Please tell me this is a duplicate thread or I am having another episode. :help:
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    i searcged for it but didn't get anything I thought at a glance was related
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    Must be me then. God, I hate when that happens!:duh:
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    Great topic!
    Stanford University as well as the University of NY at Buffalo have very interesting sites regarding this matter.
    Obviously the Hubble telescope opened our eyes to an array of astounding images most of which, regardless of creative fanciful terminology, remain pictures either into or out of time.
    Time as we recognize it, simply serves to provide order to our own existence, however this topic also makes me think of the Voyager satellites that were launched in the late 70's and continue to transmit data today. According to NASa's website, both spacecraft are approaching the theorietical heliopause, a point were Our Sun forfeits control.
    Another interesting subject is the presence of theorized anti-matter, dark matter. Relativity accounts for this, however during Einstein's self-doubt period, alot was lost. The coming years will be very interesting as Voyager I and II enter the region of uncertainty and become subject to a much different force.
    Sorry for giving you such regergitated data, but perhaps it will be helpful.
    I believe that the Universe is very, very complimentary, sort of like angles. Every orb we've witnessed is spherical, all of our energy seems to follow suit, at least in terms of resilence.
    Matter inclusive in expansion must be complemented by a receptive environment, terminal velocity is what worries me the most.
  6. kiwirobin

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    Something and nothing
    lovely mind bending duality.
    Maybe The expanding universe is rushing to meet another expanding universe.
    What would be the effect when those two waves meet?
    Never realy thought about this one, have to give it some meditation time.
  7. mscbkc070904

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    Ok, well if a universe expanding meets another universe expanding, wouldnt it just mend together as one whole universe. Of course there will be a short clash, in relative terms, like liquid meeting another liquid, matter meeting matter.

    However, if the universe is expanding into nothing, then there is nothing to expand to, infinite universe, infinite space. In our minds we want something to have an end so that we can solve the equation with a solution. For example, your mind is space, there is no end to its capabilites, only what we want the end to be, do we restrict it. We use very little of our minds and thats a measurement by men to give some idealogical way our brains work and how much is really used. Something to think about.

    Relate space with your own mind.
  8. bodebliss

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    You will find something here:

    There is a theory that early on the universe's expansion was so great that it's shell expanded well beyond what can ever be seen or touched or journeyed to. This part of the universe is there , but is not reachable. The laws of our universe are viable there but there is no energy or matter there and it is many times bigger than the known universe.

    This shell is what the knowable universe could be expanding