Metaphysics Whats is the imporatnce of philosophy

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    Now that this turned into a thread of its own, I'll make it a resource thread. Feel free to post any good link that you think might help others.

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  2. junior_smith

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    Does anyone really know anything about pilosphy?
    could we be already down a path of wrong piloshpy??
    or is that a philospiphy in its self.

    post script, i really wish i knew more about philosphy,

    i love chaos theory, but im not sure if that classifies itself as a
  3. Icewolf

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    Depends what you mean by a philosophy really

    Philosophy - general meaning is a way of life, Capitialism in itself would be a philosophy. etc

    You really need to be specific about what you mean by philosphy.

    Also there is no wrong path in philosophy.
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    I've taken a couple philosophy courses and read some on my own. Very interesting stuff, and allows us to use some of our higher-order cognitive faculties, which are so often ignored.

    My favorite philosophy anecdote:
    A friend of a friend was taking a general philosophy course, and the students were expecting a very difficult final exam essay. They sat down, the question was handed out, and to their surprise, the assignment had one word on it: "Why?"

    Needless to say, most students embarked upon long diatribes in an attempt to summarize their semester's worth of learning on that question. However, the friend of a friend, who wasn't expecting the greatest grade in the class anyways, wrote down one sentence: "Why not?" He got the only A.

    I think this is one of those legends that circulates among students, and it probably isn't true. But, I think it makes a really astute point regarding the reality of philosophy. The point of philosophy is to answer questions for which there probably are not answers.
  5. junior_smith

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    maybe there are no answers
    maybe we haven't found them yet.

    i find it dificult to denounce the role of philospher's through the ages, plato, socrates, pythagaros, einstein, davinci. although some of these people are most known for math (or mathS, if british) there concept,theories, laws all started with one idea and that idea is philosphy or at least my understanding of the word. some people would also argue that it is philospy that breads forwardility and without philosphy we would be mere apes.

    i love philosphy, and i love ideas, they get me going for hours on end , and make me ramble, hence we should start a philosphy forum.
  6. tablet

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    We can't do with or without philosophy.

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  7. Icewolf

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    If we don't go looking for answers, maybe they'll come to us?
    Or If we go looking for the questions maybe we'll find the answers?

    My best friends old saying,
    We probably have all the answers in the world it's just a job of matching them up with thw right questions.
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  9. ZeroDeep

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    The importance of philosophy is simply found in the definition of philosophy: The speculative enquiry into the objective and and subjective reality vis-a-vis "a priori and a posteriori" knowledge.

    It's the straying away from conceptual habituation, and an objective stance on virtues, morals, and ethics; our place in the universe, life, and society; it's out constant questioning of the existence of ourselves, and God.


  10. black hawk

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    if we did not have phol, we probably would not be here today......
  11. Jamuhn

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    The reason I enjoy philosophy is because the ultimate expansion of mind involves grasping the unknown. I can easily learn facts, figure out formulae, use logic, etc. But, the unknown has a certain appeal in that there are many different answers to the same question. Only by pondering the subjects of philosophy can we ever hope to attain knowledge of that which may be known. If we never ponder the unknown, how do we discover?
  12. black hawk

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    Very true jamuhn.....
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    Yeah, I'm not sure if in fact that has ever happened although it is certainly possible. However, the way I heard it was a little different than yours.

    It's almost all the same except that some students answered with long essays trying to answer 'Why?' and they all got graded as 'C'.

    Some answered 'Why?' with 'Why Not?' and got an 'F'. (I assume the reason for that is because 'Why Not?' isn't an answer at all, but a question.)

    Then there was the one answer that got the 'A' and is also, IMO, the only real correct way to answer 'Why?', which is simply, 'Because.'

    Philosophy really just means The Love of Wisdom. A Philosopher then is a person who is a Lover of Wisdom and Thinking. Philosophy can really be about anything at all although it usually is connected to the Philosopher themselves on some personal level too. I usually think of Philosophy as being 'The Perception of the World that Surrounds Us and How We Fit Within It.'
  14. pineappleupsidedown

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    Philosophy to me is the ablitity to question and infer in an attempt to make sense of the world around us.

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    Well I like philosophy because without thinking we would be unintelligent lumps walking around bumping into things and getting nothing done. Philosophy exercises the mind and gives us a reason to question the limits of our own ignorance.