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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by drlau, Oct 1, 2004.

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    A Kalispell, Montana man was arrested for allegedly attempting to board a commercial airliner with a meth lab. It’s alleged that 43-year-old Steven Konopatzke carried the components for making meth in carry-on luggage. They were found during an inspection at Glacier International Airport. Konopatzke was ticketed to fly to Michigan. A law officer with the Northwest Drug Task Force says Konopatzke denied the items were his, and said he had picked up the bags from a friend he wouldn’t identify.
    Source: Northwest Drug Task Force
  2. Bleys

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    Isn't his defense a little like arguing that the hooker in your car just needed a ride home?

    It never ceases to amaze me the things that people "forget" or try to get aboard planes. Great story btw drlau
  3. Waxy cheesecake

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    How stupid can you get?
  4. JcMinJapan

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    I forgot my friend that gave me the meth bag... Sounds like a sound defense to me! :sing: :lol:
  5. Waxy cheesecake

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    Honestly sir, I forgot I was carrying that R.P.G. with me.

    How stupid can a person get?:wow: I thought I knew what stupid meant until this day.:lol:
  6. oddtodd

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    It's not mine , I was just holding it for a friend.... One of the many excuses that my dad never believed.....I swam alot , so I got away with the eye drops :af:
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    This reminds me of things prohibitted on carry-on luggage, my favourite, a trebuchet or catapult! lmao my god hat makes me laugh
  8. Waxy cheesecake

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    Well, there was this one time.....:D
  9. justme1640

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    That is unreal -- people are stupid for sure -

    Here is a personal experience -- Honey..... it has the same look as some type of explosive to the x-ray machine -- of course they said to put it in check in luggage in the future - when I asked if that machine would pick it up they said yes -- so I asked if I would still have to open my bag for them to see what it was and they said yes -- so I will continue to bring it in my carryon but will declare it in the beginning.

    if you were wondering -- we have a friend who loves honey so I bring him a regional honey from where ever we go. And he is always on the look out for new hot sauces for me.

  10. oddtodd

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    LOL! that reminded me of a book I read...

    A practical use for old leaf springs ....
  11. helenheaven

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    Interesting you mentioned honey, it is illegal in New Zealand to transport honey between the islands...also illegal to import honey...something to do with our bio security, same reason as why Australians won't buy our apples....
  12. Mizar

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    thats awesome like how small? because i build trebuchets for freinds and fun. Ive built 5 to date the largest was a 100 pd counter weight an launched .1 pound projectiles like apples and oranges about 400- 500 feet

    my smalles one had a 1 pd cw and i cold brign it to school set it up on my desk and shoot paper at people

    i love trebuchets to me it is the mos effeict awesoem seige machine ever made.

    You also cant bring Mercury on planes because its the only thing that causes alumnimum to rust. It was used in WW2 to destroy Axis planes. You need to be a specail meteorologist to bring a thermother/ barometer on board one.

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