Chit Chat What Is Your Greatest Fear On The Net?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tablet, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. tablet

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    Identity theft: When you login to ID you supply a username and a password, that’s your ID. Another is your bank account or credit card if you’re doing it online or anything that you don’t want to leave your computer… your best friend’s nickname for instance. There are software that protects your ID from leaving your computer. For instance, I want to protect number “98347295739475345843857” from leaving my computer, all I have to do is program that number into a software (some firewall support ID Theft prevention) and the next time I accidentally type that number into a webpage, the software will catch it and replace it with ****************** or completely remove it out of your system right away so you won’t accidentally pass that data through the net.

    Viruses/Malware: The first one is self-explanatory, incase you didn’t know, Malware stands for Malicious software. I haven’t fully looked into Malware but compare to Spyware, malware is abit more powerful.

    Spam/Hijacking: Browser hijacking is the most common nowadays. A few members here couldn’t access ID due to browser hijack. When you visit site A, your comp will redirect you to site B (if your browser got hijacked).

    Dating Service: You might laugh… but a lot of people do fear online dating service. Think about it.

    Spy: Someone that is following you watching every move and studying your behavior

    Other: IF other, explain if you’re not shy.

    Ok, so what is your greatest or worst fear when you go online? Mine is Disinformation and Identity Theft.

    [edit to add]:
    ID theft also include Keylogger... software that hide behind your computer and record all your keystroke.. Scary.

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  2. mscbkc070904

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    I submitted viruses and malware, due to the fact it has happened to me before and got the 'blue screen of death' on more than one occasion due to hack or accessing a site that opened a worm. It really stinks to loose everything you have built on your system and now you have to start over. Last time it happened to me was about a yr ago, watched everything I had been working on go, POOF!, so bad I couldnt even turn on the system at all, 6 months of work and date gone, all because I accessed a program.

    Now I am precautious about things. But the malware doesnt always work, somehow I always get a program that I never asked for and then cant get it off. Thats frustrating.
  3. Seth Bullock

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    other: weight gain from sitting around playin on the net all day.
  4. mscbkc070904

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    OH GOOD ANSWER SETH! Yep, surfing the net, consumed by info, drinking whatever you drink, coffee, colas, alcohol and eating very unhealthy snack foods. GUILTY!
  5. tablet

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    Definately!! wow can't believe I overlooked that. :bghd:

    mscb, there's a software called ProcessGuard. The full version protects you from alot of things, the free version doesn't protect you from anything except program that try to run.

    For instance, any program that try to run it will ASK FOR YOUR CONSENT BEFORE it allows it to run. Which is good! You are now in charge of everything that try to run on your system.

    I've visited alot of security forum and read reviews, this software is a god send.

    The full version is where the magic is...

    (I hope I don't sound like I'm advertising.)

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  6. mscbkc070904

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    Thanks tablet, appreciate it.
  7. malik

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    Viruses and Malware....been was bad ... Guilty of downloading . ..OOPS...
    Don't worry.. i don't download anymore...:frog:
  8. Mark

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    Other - Being disconnected or not being able to connect, for me. :help:

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  9. oddtodd

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    Yep ! I also fear for the safety of children and the elderly .

    My biggest fear is moving somewhere without a DSL line , I have been spoiled by tecnology and am shopping for cheaper faster access .
  10. DreamLandMafia

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    Oddtodd...did you get the trojan fixed?

    Hmm...I voted other...cuz Im not really afraid of the internet at all. While on linux Im damned nearly invulnerable to Viruses, but I still have an AV. Iv got my routers Firewall, plus a Smoothwall comp set up as a hardware firewall.People can take my information, but Iv got my ways to get it back and ummm...yeah. :D Dating services? Hey....I could always use a girl. The internet shouldnt be scary, so feel safe, switch to Linux!
  11. bodebliss

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    My fear is some day it won't be here at all.

    It will just be a market place and that's all.

    Favorite quote lately(though I don't know who to attribute it to):

    "In a million years, humans will be the size of gerbils with one thought right about Christmas time."
  12. DucKid

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    Perverts! I'm not kidding.
  13. Gravare

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    i say other because there was no all of the above option.:roll:
  14. i guess my biggest fear is that on the net you put forward your very best images and use your most eloquent language to impress the recipient.

    The reality in real life face to face is often far from what you see on the internet.In fact it's never what it appears.

    You can so easily form attachments on line as it can very easily become an emotionally driven experience especially if you are lonely or feeling lonely and unloved at a particular time and you want to reach out to somebody?? anybody.
    In the harsh light of day when you do meet the illusion or in some cases dellusion is shattering.

    There are so many who prey upon the weak and vulnerable on the internet and they are adept and skilled in the art of manipulation.

    I recall a friend of mine Wendy left her husband and sons and ran to another man in our country and they had their problems i understand but she was a hell of a drinker and when she was so far away she didn't cope and was shattered by what she had done in completly abandoning her family.

    I sat their as she cried searching for her family and regreting her decision even tho she had found a new partner. It was so awful to see and I felt for her but could not do anything to help.

    She had sadly shut out her family and the consequences were all to apparant.

    I felt her family still wanted her desperately to come home but she had made a bad mistake and didn't want to face up to that mistake. Instead as I saw she was very sad and drinking way to much in order to try and cope with the problems that they had.

    It was such a pity and I so felt for her and tried to encourage her that I was certain her family would forgive and that they could one day heal as people togeather.

    My point was that running away wasn't the answer and only brief respite for the problems at hand.

    The reality of her new partner was also apparant because altho they were togeather it did not appear a caring or valid relationship.

    It is frightening that people can behave and treat eachother this way and not try to resolve their differences in order to create understanding for their loved ones as to why their actions eventuated.

    For me I was horrified that Wendy could abandon two sons even if she no longer liked her husband. I saw however when she spoke of her husband that she still deeply cared. I think he probably did too.

    Such is the frightening illusion of internet based attachments and whole familys can be destroyed by these types of events and the illusion or dellusion doesn't last forever.

    Sooner or later people want to go home and even tho it is hard and they feel their is music to face it's probably not as bad as they imagine.

    Wendy did go home and faced the music and I still chat to her and her life is back on track and her family is as I understand it thriving
  15. Dichotomy

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    Virus... although the poster above me referenced something I've seen so many times it's unbelievable.
  16. well dic i'm as bald as you if only you knew but my glasses are less cia and more intellectual but having said that i like your look and if that leather your wearing then we are quite similar:o
  17. Piggsy

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    I bet the government watching me right now