Sociology What Is Your Educational Background?

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by Cinderloft, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Cinderloft

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    Since our site, Ignorance Denied, is based around truths, facts, knowledge, etc, it is good to have a healthy rounding off of backgrounds. Many people have interests in certain areas that they may have no formal training in. Sort of like a jack-of-all-trades, but instead of a trade, its knowledge. Many things interest me, I do not limit myself to one specific area. I strive to know as much about everything as I can. I am curious as to what everyones background is, both formal education such as level of education and post-secondary, as well as personal interests.

    I have had formal educational focus in Virtual Reality design, Technical manual writing, Video game concepts, Electrical (DC) designs, Advanced computer knowledge (Mostly hardware) Networking, Business (Marketing, accounting, contract negotiations, business plan writting, etc) Psychology studies, philosophy, history and english.

    My side interests include conspiracy research, writing, archeology, technological breakthroughs, the environment, and various social and geopolitical issues.

    Anyone else care to share some things about themselves?
  2. Zsandmann

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    I graduated 5th of 327 from my high school in 2000.
    4.016 GPA

    Got my BS in Geology in three and a half years.
    Graduated #@!&% laude, 3.5 GPA

    I am now working on a MS in applied Geophysics.
    My thesis involves mapping buried stream channels with remote sensing equipment.

    My interests are in Earth Processes: focusing on aquifers and hydrocarbon reservoirs.

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  3. Dr. Stupid

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    1460 sat score in 1982

    bachelors degrees in chemistry & physics from RPI (rensellaer polytechnic institute)
    minors in poli sci & philosophy

    took 12+ creative writing & literature courses much later
    in order to expand my knowledge base...
  4. justme1640

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    Well heck - I am just plain dull -- High School Education --did a variety of jobs (life & health ins. rep, secretary in chiropractors office, worked for a moving company, worked in a bank etc etc etc) retired now and I love to learn how things work but instead of doing something with what I learn I am ready to move on to learn the next thing. Isn't there a medical term for that? ;) Right now I am thinking about a welding class -- for some reason it facinates me - would love to do some sculptures with that. I also read ALL the time -- DH says if I don't have 3 books going he is worried and if I didn't have anything else to read I would pull out cereal boxes to read :o hmmm what else -- I have my pistol license and enjoy shooting sports although I am not good by any means (Now DH IS good - he shoots competitively)

  5. JcMinJapan

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    Sorry, don`t remember any scores from my SATs, GPAs or PDQs, HGAs, LTFs, ABCs, XYZs, or MNOs. ha ha ha

    Degree in Business Management... Much by accident. I wanted to be an Astronaut and wrote NASA, but NASA shot me in the head when they said that since I am red/green color blind, I would have about a 98% chance of being grounded to the earth. So, I was lost in college and just took classes, when ooops there it was. ha ha

    Have been in IT for a great many years now. Mostly IT LAN administration, system implementation, consulting, etc etc etc.

    I am debating on going back to college now for a degree in AstroPhysics. I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up.

    Interests: Sports (playing, not talking about or watching them though. But, all my teams are terrible this year, so nothing to talk about. ha ha), Astronomy, Physics, Time, Time Travel, Reality, Space, time travel, Nikola Teslas ideas, anything that has to do with the universe. I am one of those people that would rather read a Physics book than a story. Reality is more fascinating than any fiction.
  6. DontTreadOnMe

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    MOre dullness here....I did get some college in, but never decided what I wanted to be when I grew up. Whether I have yet grown up could be a matter for discussion. lol.
    I also had a BIG problem with higher education. So many classes teaching little practical knowledge. Let alone the truth.

    I worked in a major metropolitan library sysem for 32+ years. I read a lot, too. When I'm not on ATS or now ID.

    I also recently joined B.O.T.A. and am enjoying my studies there.

    I also garden, watch DVDs and knit. *yawn*;)
  7. pineappleupsidedown

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    I am currently in high school, also soaking up as much technical information about visual theatre and proformance as i can before going to college. (meaning i am currently working for two acting theaters)

    Other than that i dont have too much to offer except overall interest and an open mind.


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  8. oddtodd

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    Thats a TON to offer ! It has taken me 20 years past highschool to equal that statement....

    School of Hard Knocks here ( Knock U ) Highschool was spent in the intimate company of my best friend MaryJane so not much was retained . Most of my education came from on the job training .

    I can now build a house from the ground up( taught by a couple old farmers when I was in my 20's back in New England who shared all their knowledge with me ) , run a professional kitchen (went from bus boy to lord of the sandwich to line cook to professional baker and finaly to kitchen manager between 88'-92' ) , and built an electric vehichle in tech school about 7 years back .
    I was disabled for a year with a HORRIBLY broken leg , and read every science book I could get my hands on . A great year of exersizing the brain muscle !!

    I learn something new every day because of this site and our sister site , so my education will always continue...

    After switching full time to construction about 6 years ago , MaryJane and I finally parted company (I was working with numbers and sharp spinning objects and thought it best if she left)
    With her gone , learning has become a pleasure instead of a challenge . If you see her at a party or she hangs with your friends , just pass her by............
  9. TruthBringer

    TruthBringer Premium Member

    well im not exactely experienced in education im 14, im well into my second year of high school and i read extensively (probs more than is good for me lol)
    i jus finished to kill a mocking bird (very good)

    Yours, Truth
  10. Young William

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    I'm nearing the end of my Masters' in Counseling at HU. I hope beyond hope that the College of William and Mary will admit myself into their awesome Doctoral endeavor in Clinical Psych....we'll see. My military service may hinder me, because liberals think.....a bit too much, per se, but I'll most likely be all right, ...primarily because I look good in a "suit."

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  11. mscbkc070904

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    Well, I have a broad spectrum, did get some college in, not much, plan to go back soon, still trying to decide which degree I want to obtain first.

    Much of experience has been military and on the road across the world. Since the military, much of my experience has been contract jobs overseas up until about 18 months ago, since then, working the shipping industry/maintenance for DoD contracts, as well as heading security for the facility I work on.

    I guess my experiences/knowledge/street education have been as follows, warehouse operations/managment, homeland security, port maintenance, military/commercial vehicles/equipment, infantry/recon operations, military intelligence analysis, counterintel, counterterrorism, security manager, interrogation, fast food service/management, volunteer fireman, rotary wing crewmember, printing press operator, greenhouse nursery, roofing, house construction, longshoreman, cargo operations, administration, security clearance indoc/investigation coordinator, landscaping, and travelled the world, over 67 countries (most of Europe, 1/2 of SE Asia, 1/2 of SW Asia, small portion of Central & South America, 1/2 of the Med, and of course, Mexico and Canada.

    Yes some of these are not elaborate, but I went as far back as age 13 when I started working. Some of these were part time jobs, for which many of them I worked for quite some time, not just like 1-5 months.

    Wow I have done alot actually, some of these were all in the same position, just various jobs allocated together.
  12. Waxy cheesecake

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    Well, I don't have that much to offer either. I'm 15 and currently the only thing I have trouble with in school is getting my work done(lazy) and Algebra. I can understand most everything they teach and I am often precieved as stupid by my peers when I am actually more intelligent and creative then 6 of them combined.
    I also have overall interest and an open mind.:lb:

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  13. William and Mary is excellent, I just visited in the fall. The campus is right at the end of Duke of Gloucester and in the middle of Colonial Williamsburg, it's so beautiful. I hope that you get in, that would be sooooooo awesome.
  14. Well...I'm in the same boat as the High Schoolers, I'm sixteen and looking for some thrills. I attend a classy charter school funded by Bill Gates and attend to write for either the Smithsonian’s (those museums are awe worthy) or National Geographic when I get older. I currently have only a 3.25 GPA (what can I say, this school is built that way, we usually get higher test scores). I plan to attend Santa Barbara University in Southern California and earn a major in Journalism and minors in English and History, until then through me in the uninteresting boat and gag me.

    Special Interests: I write short stories and plays like a madman. I currently have two productions underway and a 32 page short story in a contest (hoping to publish it in whatever cheap magazine comes along). Yep, that's me...

    <Pinnapple, you and I seem to have alot in common...A little freaky. lol.

  15. Mizar

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    I am a highschool seinor. Joy I have about 25 days left of school and then my next schooling will be college. I was recently accepted into Seton Hall University under a philospohy major but I may ahve to decline going and stay at home for college. My educational future is hazy right now and I am having a bit of troubble.....

    My big intrests are Theology and philosophy and I do a lot of reading on the subects. I am unsure on my future though.

    Oh and i have had some minor classical training in music.

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  16. See, I would have taken that in a heartbeat; I havn't always had an acceptable GPA. The way that I put it is that I used to only search for being exceptional regardless of what the mediocrity might hold to be acceptable. Well, that was a mistake. I suppose that I got a bunch of good writing done in those days, but because of that I'm most likely going to have to start off at a community college, a state if I'm lucky.