Metaphysics What is truth?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by nicksadie, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. nicksadie

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    I am a writer and value the opinions of others, as it shapes my own thinking and changes the world.

    I hope to find and make many new friends here.
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    Welcome Nick, glad to have you here.

    Truth? you mean "Truth" in general or here at ID? I assumed you're referring to the Captain of Enlightenment. It's a title the one of them owned for played such an amazing game. So they decided to make this forum into truth. I'm sure other can give better answer. :up:
  3. /Future Corpse/

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    Absolute Truth is that which can not be untrue in any situation or perspective. So what could be deemed as Absolute Truth? Extremely little I would imagine. I know of only one thing.
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    Welcome aboard Nicksadie

    I'm sure that you'll meet many friends here!


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    Hope you enjoy your stay

  6. nicksadie

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    Thank you for the welcome.

    I wish I knew what truth was in general or at ID or anywhere. Some say it is all relative: What is truth for me may not be truth for you. What do we measure it by? Who's yardstick do we use? Yours or mine? Truth tends to be truth until it is challenged and only then by being tested can we in the end with some reasonableness say that we have a "truth". But is there an absolute and irrifutable truth? So often we believe things to be true only to be shaken up when we discover that our believe was flawed.

    The definition given by "Future Corpse" is valid to a degree. But it is just a definition. The questions is: What fits the definition?
  7. tablet

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    I wonder what would happen to us if we have absolute truth or know our very purpose of existen. It seems like we're all aiming for it. Are we slave to logic?

    IF we all just switch off our logic what would happen? I wonder.
  8. masqua

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    Believed to have succumbed to a minor mass extinction 10,500 BC, T-Ruth is slowly re-emerging only now.

    T-Ruth is also known as Quetzalcoatl, Thoth, Aesculapius among many others

    Nicksadie, welcome to this board...I also am a late-comer here and find this place to be a breath of fresh air.

    Hopefully, we will watch as T-Ruth, like the Phoenix, rises again from the ashes of the Dark Ages.

    Some look to the future for answers, while others ( like myself) search the dusty tomes of the Ancients.

    Let us pull the tail out of the mouth of Ouroborus and set that sucker straight.

  9. nicksadie

    nicksadie New Member

    Unlike Ouroborus, the hardest thing to learn is to bite one's tongue and not the tail. And since Ouroborus have inspired many beautiful and fine pieces of jewelry, I am reluctant to set it straight since the jewels that it holds could be lost. Is this not the case in our search for truth: the more we pull it apart, the less fun is seems that so little is gained while so much of mystery is lost. But from the ashes we must rise, reluctant or not. Ah man, this road is so narrow with danger on either side (Bit like a cat on a fence with a bulldog on either side - this is how they learn to climb walls by the way). I am that cat, and I am learning to climb. I need a few daring enough to take that journey - straight up I hope. But who knows how far down the road goes before it rises again to the light? We will find out...
  10. bodebliss

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    Here's a secret: there is no truth, Just like there is no lie. We live in a universe in which there are no absolutes. If something were to become an absolute truth it would cease to exist in this Quasi-realm in which half-truths and half-lies exist side by side. You already know this as everyone knows everything. They just for their own benefit blot, block, and obscure to play games in the present. It wouldn't be as much fun passing through, if you allowed yourself to know what you know. You know?
  11. /Future Corpse/

    /Future Corpse/ Premium Member

    Bingo! Duality is the distortion that confuses people, but without duality said thing fails to exist according to our definition of existence.
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    welcome dude, hope you have a good time, and check out ATS too..if you havent been there yet
  13. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    If you had absolute truth you'd be in an absolute place and you'd be absolute because absolute can't exist here. The very purpose of existence is writ here so look no further. Don't waste another day in the search.

    That's not what people seem to be doing. It seems they're trying to escape work to their undoing. Happiness is work.

    Humans are not logical. They are insane. They are justifying reason-ers(from M-W : (2) : proper exercise of the mind (3)b : the sum of the intellectual powers). Insanity is a miscalculation of effort, and just because most people miscalculations fall within the area of the norm, it doesn't mean that they don't make miscalculations. It is only when those miscalculations become gross that everyone that makes minor miscalculations can point and say,'That's insane!'. It is why 'The News' is so popular. People watch to build a catalog of the daily insanity so they can spot themselves in the spectrum of the insane,"Am I high? Am I low? Would I do that? That is crazy!"

    Proper exercise of the mind, by whose standards. We have only humans to refer to. We have built a theory of intellegence on one example. We are bankrupt.

    The sum of intellectual powers but what if the sum is wholely inadequate as so often we have seen. What then? Well, we just muddle forth as the insane people we are, making one miscalculation after another.

    Logic would have everyone speaking in reversable sentencing. 1+2=2+1.

    Tablet look around you and ponder no longer.

    Bode Bliss
  14. tablet

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    Thank bodebliss, that was enlightening. :up:

    I never look for absolute truth. I never bother cause I have no reason to. But hearing others talking about absolute truth got me wondering.
  15. /Future Corpse/

    /Future Corpse/ Premium Member

    Confused here! What does understanding an absolute truth have to do with personal existing at all? It is a concept that does not exist in our conception of reality or existence? I do or I do not. I am or I am not. It is actually much easier then we make it out to be.
  16. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    Life in general is the search for a place to view from, not for a point of view.

    This is why life is as poignant for a tree, a squirrel, an amoeba, or a human. The universe in which we live makes us work hard for those points to view from.

    Bode Bliss
  17. Truth can be a varied object. We know our own truths about ourselves but no of others. I believe the duality someone spoke of in previous post is very important. To keep light and dark. Yin/Yang. Good/evil. What is good to you may be evil to someone else. Same goes with truth. You percieve truth as you are. Meaning your truth is the how did we get to this point? The road or path is the "way". I hope this helps, my opinions just are that. The experiences of my own path are my truth.:hail:
  18. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    By your def it would not be truth at all it would be voodoo to modern med, it would be laser cutter to stone ax, etc.

    Truth is the ultimate goal, but because it don't exist here we take the thing that most closely attains truth in our time-frame. I call it settling out. What do you call it?

    On the other hand, if we were all granted 'Everlasting Health' and could look forward to extreme long lives there would be less settling out and more searching for higher truths.

    The reason is: if you were allowed to live let's say 15,000 years, you wouldn't base your existence on,' Hey man, let's walk down the highway maybe we can collect enough cans to buy a beer'. You'd do something early on to make the long haul worth while and maybe society would change and put more investment in each child. Not delve in quantity, but instead look to quality of the human product, of course this present generation would have to die-off first. Seriously.

  19. JcMinJapan

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    Welcome and hope you enjoy the site. What is truth, yes, it is all relative. Here at ID we regard truth as the scientific truth as we know it. This is the direction that we take the truth.
  20. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    Yes JC, scientific truth.

    Like the Sun revolves around the Earth! The curent readvent of the scientific process is only 400yrs old. Our science here is young and there are lots of rewrites yet to come. The old guard in science is often a detriment to progress. It takes a lot experimental data to override the built up enertia in the system.