Metaphysics What is "the truth"?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Ape, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Ape

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    What is \"the truth\"?

    Ok, no offence to anyone but we all keep talking about truth this and truth that, but what is the truth we keep talking about? Is it just that we're more open minded to the more real version of things or what? Does our truths revolve around religion, science, or are we just guessing?
    I'd just like to know everyone's own version of "truth".
  2. Fitzpatrick

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    There is no truth, but that is the one thing we should always seek
  3. overrocked

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    The Untruth revolves around 'Politics':ban:

    You can buy the truth:$$: $1 Billion for Ideas: conservative Think Tanks in the 1990's

    or John Birch Society, American Spectator

    'Buying a Movement' People for the American Way Foundation

    or the opposition

    The Ford Foundation

    Just get your peanuts and popcorn right here folks, it's called
    KRACKERJACKS! Best show in town. Just sit right down.
  4. parrhesia

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    Perhaps, in an attempt to consider your question, we should also consider what we take to be knowledge, if we consider truth and knowledge to be equated, of course.

    What do we take to be knowledge?
    What is the criteria? What is it to know?
  5. Bleys

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    Another humble opinion. Truth should be an individual and lifelong aspiration whether it be in search of literal or philosophical truths. I think literal or evidenced based truths are easier to find and philosophical truths an endless, but satisfying pursuit.

  6. chino180sx

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    i think the truth is the age old questions...

    is there a god?
    whats after this life?
    is this it?
    is there more after this?
    whats the meaning of life?
    why am "I" here?

    the truth that explaines everything and leaves other questions once pondered not matter anymore
  7. Malakai

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    Truth is as truth does....

    Truth is opinion, there really is nothing else to it.
  8. marcus

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    Truth as discussed in this thread seems to me to be a subjective thing similar to faith,it still requires an act of belief,faith requires nothing else but itself,truth is belief backed by what appears to be evidence,fact is undeniable physical evidence,once we have fact we have no need for faith or truth what I think we are searching for is fact but often the closest we can come is truth.
  9. TrickmastertricK

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    Well I agree. Yet "Truth" is what you believe. Personal belief in something is "Truth" to yourself, yet it may not be to others. If you can convince someone into believing something it can be "Truth". I honestly don't know what it is anymore. We have too many people with personal agendas, that they can convince anyone what tha truth may be.