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    Many of you wonder why is Archeology important, what is significant about it? Why should I care about it? What does it do for me, how will it benefit me?

    Simple, understanding the science of archeology and its purpose will be given in this thread. Archeology is important in many different cateogories, from human existence, evolution of animals, geographical evolutions, origins of life, social life between humans, between animals and between humans and animals.

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    Archeology, a definition.....

    Archeologists are like detectives of the past, unearthing clues about past events. Archeology is the reconstruction of past cultures through their material remains and the study of how cultures change over time.

    "Culture" is not an easy term to define, but it can be thought of as every aspect of a group of people, including the clothing they wear, the language they speak, and the items they use for every day life. The primary source of information used by archeologists is "artifacts." Artifacts are objects that people create or modify.

    Archeologists also uncover "features" when they excavate. Features can be thought of as buildings, stains in the ground from a campfire, or the remnants of an old tree. Each artifact and feature location identified during the archeological study will be carefully recorded so that the reconstruction of the site is as accurate as possible.
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    Definition of Archeology and related words

    n. 1. the branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures. Same as Archæology, etc.

    Related Words
    anastylosis, anthropology, archaeology, archeological site, armilla, Assyriology, barrow, Bronze Age, burial mound, Clovis culture, dig, Egyptology, eitchen midden, excavation, Folsom culture, grave mound, Iron Age, kitchen midden, marine archaeology, marine archeology, midden, palaeoclimatology, palaeoethnography, palaeogeography, palaeology, palaeopathology, palaetiology, paleoclimatology, paleoethnography, paleogeography, paleography, paleology, paleopathology, paletiology, protoanthropology, protohistory, Stone Age, Sumerology, tumulus, underwater archaeology, underwater archeology

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