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    I have heard the term used and heard some people say that they have it. I know it is a "dissorder" that give a person short attention spans and is often side tracked. This is about the extent of my knowldge of it. If someone has some time can you deny my ignorance and provide info on what it exactly is, current research on the subject, symptons, what parts of the brain it effects, if its genetic or just accquired etc... any info on the subjet will be appreiciated.
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    just did a quick search:

    All my childhood till now I have been a listener, observer. I'm not sure if I have ADHD but once in a while I go offtrack.
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    Okay, Im going way off course with this one... but I believe that people who are ADHD are actually extremely intelligent beings who can not comprehend the "shall I say ignorance" of society today..therefore, we place these children on we do all people who are "different" and numb them so they can be just as normal as the rest... Medication takes away whatever ideas or creativity these people can accomplish... Its evolution taking place before our eyes... P.S. This sort of goes along with the fact that maybe people with Schizophrenia are really seeing things and hearing things that normal people can not are they really crazy... "You can call me crazy but...nothing is impossible..."
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    no, it's called attention deficit (H i don't know what it stands for) Disordrer. I watched a programme about, it the othre week. It makes them hyper and they dont respond well to discipline.

    Hazlenutt, i believ what you are referring to is called, Aspergers syndrome, thye are very intelligent but have certain problems, normally obsessive/compulsive disorder, medication is normally provided to help control it.
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    Nope..I was referring to ADHD and ADD...and all the disorders in the world in which medication is just handed over.... My brother was given medication for something..uh..he didn't have...because he was bored in school..."well..ritalin should do the trick!!!" I guess this poses another discussion involving medications and how they are over prescribed... I still think that great minds are numbed with medication!!!

    P.S. I love the pineapple picture...I'm obsessed with pineapples...they are AWESOME!!!:D
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    I'm trying to keep what I say factual. but surely you must understand that most mental disorders affect chemicals in the brain anyway, the medication is supplied to rebalance the chemicals.
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    Personally I think ADHD and ADD don't really exist as conditions.

    I agree that children suffering from "symptoms" of these "conditions" should not be medicated.

    I also think asthma is largely psycholgical, as are many allergies.
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    Sorry, I'm glad to see all of your opinions on the subject but I'm asking to see the facts of what it IS not what you think it IS.

    Ice wolf the H is... Attention defficet Hyperactive Dissorder.
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    Is Attention Deficit Disorder a real disease, or is it just a psychologist\'s scam for making a quick buck?

    "Why is America suddenly experiencing an explosion of new mental diseases and disorders never heard of thirty years ago?" asks Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center. "Why are children seemingly out of control, refusing to listen to parents and teachers, even driven to violence?" DeWeese answers those questions in a recent issue of his DeWeese Report. He argues that psychologists have developed the habit of "simply making up diseases and disorders if there is money to be made" and that "many of the growing diseases and disorders could actually be side effects of the drugs psychologists are pouring into children to 'cure' their made-up diseases."

    DeWeese contends that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are "frauds. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to prove either exists. Yet today," he notes, "almost seven million children have been diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. And most have been placed on a behavior-altering drug called Ritalin, which is supposed to be the miracle answer to a nonexistent problem."

    What do you think ? IS ADHD a myth? I believe so
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    Very good. Now I'm starting to believe this whole thing is a scam also!!
  11. Mizar

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    Verry well. Enough Proper info has been collected. Let the Disscussion begin. Is it real or Not.

    Personally I think it isn't .

    ADD is a concept that is completly false in most likeley at least 75% of the people diagnosed with the problem. In the early 1990's and late 1980's a concept of parenting called baby genious' or baby enstines was strictly followed by a large portion of the parenting population. This concept influenced early learning and brain development even before birth with the belif that a baby listening to classical music in the womb would have a higher IQ than thoes with out. Parents driled children in ABC's and numbers early on even before schooling. When in school parents would preasure kids to have hard work ethics and study fervently. Unfourtnately this left little time for the child to play and to be a kid. To use their immagniation. With this concept that the kid should be a smart-y when a child would try to have fun it was instantly labled ADD. This is my idea on the whole ADD ADHD Concept. that Children's parents were tying to make things good for the kid but gave them no outlet for emotions.
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    ADD is probably the least of our worries. Indeed as mizar says it is a disease that is entirely overprescribed. Are not our hyperactivity and random way of thought just that? Our thought process should not be tampered with. If ADD and ADHD are treated as diseases, what is to stop the creation of other drugs, drugs that would effect personality. A world where all "abnormal" personalities could be treated? This sort of thing needs a little more research and a lot more parenting and common sense.

    oh and just for fun:

  13. Being a retired Rn I must agree with HelenHeaven and Mizar. ADHD = Another Doctor Handing (out) Drugs , ADD =Another Dense Drug. I have seen ritialin ruin many childrens lifes. Most parents of so called ADHD children are so glad to see the calming effects of the drugs prescribed for this disorder, they beleive that their child has ADHD. Now they can relax. Just because a child is hyper does not mean they have a disorder. They are CHILDREN. Children play and are curious.They also have a lot of enregy. Which cannot be burned off in front of the TV or Playstation. Parents need to learn to be parents and guide and discipline.Who are the MD's trying to fix the parent or the child. Many factors play in to the role of hyperactivity ,diet being the biggest factor in my opinion. My child who is six, was said to have ADHD by a physician two years ago. Well he does't take meds and he can read as well as I can.. He is also very creative and well behaved. I truely beleive that if I had given in to his MD he would not be a healthy, thriving, intellegent young boy as he is now. He would be chemically restrained, something psych MD's know much about. Restraining our youth with chemicals is like mind control. In my opinion (in which I am intitled) our youth is our future. What type of future do you want? A chemically inhanced one ,or one with moral values and natural intellengence?

    Just and ole hippy (thinking about my son's future)
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    I am the mother of a child that was prescribe Ritalin, my son was wrongly medicated and I knew something was not right, so I took him to a psychologist to have him tested, well he did not needed any Ritalin.

    Who did I blame? myself for allowing the school and the doctor tell me what my child needed.
  15. Marg6043
    Don't blame yourself. In our sociaty , MD's are put on a pedastal. If I had not had any expereince at the time my son was diagonosed with ADHD I would have let that doctor put my son on ritalin too. No one to blame, parents want to do the right thing for their children (most do), and you had questions and you followed up by taking your child to see another doc. So you did the right thing in my book. I have learned ...ASK QUESTIONS. If I don't understand the answer I keep asking. So don't blame yourself in fact if anything give yourself a pat or two.:yes::yes:

    Just an ole hippy
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    Thanks, for that, my son was 13 when he was put on Ritalin, and he is now 18 and he is just your normal young man, nothing wrong with him, all the hyperactivity was just part of growing up.

    Docs thinks had medicating children help parents deal with life. So sad I fell for it.
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    Ah, this reminds me of the day I walked downtown and this man was giving out his flyer (his personal letter) talking about drugs/medicine and how he was forced to take it when in reality he has no problem both mentally and physically! He was a college student. It was a long letter I wish I have it and post it here.

    I don't believe in medicine/drug of anykind. I don't take any because I don't believe that it can cure xyz. My nephew who I believe is perfectly fine, no asthma, nothing. But the doctor told my syster that he have asthma :0: Wow. He must be super doctor!!
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    What was the question again ? :D
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    ADD & ADD consist of 3 subtypes: Combined Type, Predominantly Inattentive Type, & Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type.

    About 4-6% of the U.S. population has ADD/ADHD.

    ADD/ADHD are recognized as disabilities under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Americans With Disabilities Act; & the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. Accommodations can be made in school, college, & at the workplace.

    ADD/ADHD usually lasts a person's entire life. About 1/2 to 2/3 of children with this condition continue to experience significant problems with ADD/ADHD symptoms & behaviors as adults, which affects their studies, work & relationships.

    Common features include:

    * distractibility (poor sustained attention to tasks)
    * impulsivity (impaired impulse control & delay of gratification)
    * hyperactivity (excessive activity & physical restlessness)

    Diagnostic criteria: These behaviors must be excessive, long-term, & pervasive, must must appear before age 7, & continue for at least 6 months.

    The behaviors must create a valid handicap which significantly impacts at least 2 areas of a person's life, such as school, home, work, or social settings.

    Common symptoms: fails to pay close attention to details or makes careless mistakes; has difficulty sustaining attention to tasks; doesn't seem to listen when spoken to directly; fails to follow instructions carefully & completely; loses or forgets important things; feels restless, fidgets with hands or feet or squirms; runs or climbs excessively; talks excessively; blurts out answers before hearing entire question; has difficulty waiting for his/her turn.

    The nature & severity of symptoms varies in each patient. About 1/3 of these patients lack the hyperactivity component.

    ADD/ADHD is probably caused by biological factors which influence neurotransmitter activity in certain parts of the brain, & have a strong genetic basis. If 1 person in a family has ADD/ADHD, theres a 25 - 35% chance that any other family member also has ADD/ADHD, compared to a 4 - 6% chance for someone in the general population.

    The most effective treatment is a combination of medication (when necessary), therapy or counseling to learn coping skills & adaptive behaviors, & ADD coaching for adults.
  20. kiwirobin

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    ADD and ADHD are real disorders.
    I work with youths with this disorder and believe me it is a genuine metal illness that affects mental funtion.
    That said I also acknowledge that it has been Drastically abused by lazy parents with healthy active children and over pescribed by doctors claiming benifits from pharmicutical companies.

    This disorder affects the attention span of the patient through a hyper reaction which disables the sufferer from staying focused on one task.
    It is very frustrating for them as they do not understand it and cannot control it.
    If one of my youths forgets his medication, and they do, they litterally bounce off the walls.
    Agressive behaviour is also an outing of their frustrations.
    The medication is funnily enough a form of speed which conteracts the hyper-activity and returns them to a manageble state where they can keep their attention on what they want to be busy with.
    A "normal"state.
    They effect of the medication on a non-ADHD person is to either increase hyper-activity or inversly total lethargy.

    More and more studies look at natural treatments such as behavioural programming. Teaching them routeens through repitition. Very intensive reprogramming but resulting in a control over daily routeens.

    This is a real disorder, but not that commen.
    The last lecture I attended also mentioned research into the links between ADHD and Non-genetic influences such as environment in the upbringing, diet and believe it or not computor games.
    Lastest studies show that brain activity with playing video games is similar to that of a heroin addict.