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Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by JcMinJapan, Sep 3, 2004.

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    With Mt. Asama in action in a populated area, probably a good time to learn a bit about Volcanoes. So, here we go!

    Here is a primer on basic ash:

    This is one of the major problems that can happen:

    Looks like very dangerous stuff. Read the site for the full list.

    This would be a good thread to discuss volcanoes, cause, effect and general information. Anyone have more information on Volcanoes in general?
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    A great article on volcanoes in general:
    Here are my top two of interest from the site. Quite interesting stuff:

    Anyone have more information on volcanoes? Anyone every lived close to an eruption? I have been interested in volcanoes ever since I lived next to one on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was fun to go and view the lava flowing and seeing it enter into the ocean where there were huge plumes of steam and gas. This now seemed like a good reason to start a study on them.
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    going to be running out in a few minutes but when I get back will be reading the info provided -- checked the web cam you posted and can see the red lava at night.

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    its important to keep in mind that volcanoes are classified accordig to the type of lava they enit. Andesitic-lava spewing volcanoes are the explosive type with generally chuny lava, whereas basaltic volcanoes throw out runny lava (compare Mt St Helens to the very common eruptions in hawaii). Similiarly, the native hawaiins have different terms for different types of lava one can encounter. Pahoehoe is, if i recall correctly, the chunky type of lava in their usage, and there are many others.

    There are also volcanoes that don't erupt with silicate lava. These unsual types of volcanoes erupt with carbonate magmas, which supposedly looks chalky or something like that. I believe they are super rare but are found in association with the rifting event that is splitting africa, that opened the red sea, and that runs thru israel (and possibly turkey)