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    Well , with the old puter broken and the new one getting one new part every paycheck I had some free time on my hands this month ( no cable TV , only movie rentals) .

    I went back to the tried and true form of entertainment that is commonly refered to as "reading" .

    It is an ancient method of personal enrichment that deserves much more credit than it gets in this day and age . There were no pictures other than the ones in my imagination , no scrolling down or clicking the next link , and no waiting for the next issue to find out what happened ( just had to read the last pages first if I was that anxious....) .

    I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand for the 4th time and still find that I respect her perspective of society , as well as her insight ( if not premonitions) regarding the present state of affairs in the world .

    Her books were published in the 50's and she was extremely concious of how the world would continue to develop . I reccomend any of her works including : Fountainhead , Anthem and We The Living . All are very thought provoking .

    I also read Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman to keep in touch with some science and theory from the father of Quantumelectrodynamics (QED) . This is the lightweight leymans version of his physics classes at UCal and he is a wonderfully dynamic person to read about .

    For fun I read Angles and Demons by Dan Brown and read it in 2 days . I liked it as well as tHE dIvINCI cODE and it helped pass the time .

    I also read Alice In Wonderland because I found out that Lewis Carrol (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) was a respected mathematician in the mid 1800's who slipped many references to math and science into his writings :

    "You boil it in sawdust : you salt it in glue :
    You condense it with locusts and tape :
    Still keeping one principal object in view -
    To preserve its symetrical shape" -

    From : "The Hunting Of The Snark"

    My advice to all : If you can't be here at I.D. to deney ignorance , pick up a book and read it . Any old book . And never forget that imagination is something that will help us all question , learn , and grow mentaly (as we should) .

    Good to be back , and thanks for keeping my seat warm :roll: