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    Who else agrees that the privleged memebers of planet earth have gone mad?

    1. We spend US$264 million on a space project (Genesis) while children in Darfur are dying by the thousands from hunger

    2. We are outraged by the atrocity in Beslan yet in the United States alone 1, 400 children died from abuse in 2002 alone

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    And you know why abuse happens? people dont do anything about it. My friend(Sarah) was abused by her mother (Mom). Mom's friend was over and just looked, and the only person who finally called the police was Sarah's little brother. When the police came, they failed to take notice of my friends bruises (which hadnt yet turned blue yet) and only noticed the Mom's black eye (which Sarah had done to get her mom off of her). Out of fear the little boy wouldnt defend his sister, and the Mom's friend told the police that Sarah had just walked into the room and punched her mother. All the other times the police had been called they failed to record Sarahs scratches, so there was no previous record.

    Guess what happened? Sarah got sent to a medical assylum to treat her "violence", then sent her back to her moms.

    Sorry for that just really bothers me.

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    Its a continuous list that goes on and on and on. There are so many instances that abound that it would be way too impossible to compose them all together. It is not human nature to behave that way, it is the will of the powers that be. They would like it to become our nature and turn man against themselves. For a long time, I actually hoped humanity would wipe itself out, as I saw nothing positive coming from us in the last 100 years. The positives have stopped outweighing or keeping balance of the negatives. We either need to take back our lives, or do nothing. Either way, evolution will play out and karma will be the arbitrator for our fate. We must deny ignorance, but we also must fight it! With our last breath, our last keystroke, our last firing neuron. The battle starts within, but the war will not finish there. Yes I am ranting... and I love it. :p
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    Well, in some respects I agree with you. But, I would not put scientific study on hold. Science will only help advance society and possibly help solve the problems. Now, I think we should stop paying athletes and actors all this money and start paying our police, teachers, humanitarians, nurses and scientists more money. That will bring good people into the jobs and they will s\certainly use it back in the community. I would rather pay 10 Nurses 1 million a year or 20 at 500,000 a year, than one spoiled athlete that is whining about not making enough. I am sure the nurses would appreciate it and even use that money to help people and to advance their skills. But, don`t cut science, it will only take us backwards.
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    Good science and bad science. It all comes back to the purpose of what the science is and how it helps. There is also the aspect of intrusivness of science. Many current scientific practices used today were brought about because of the evil #@!&% scientific experiments. Could some things have been achieved by science and research without the #@!&% help? Possibly not. Science involves testing. If the subject is not willing, is it bad science? What if the results will benefit millions? Does that justify it? What if subjects are willing, at the expense that it may cost them their life? Should they be allowed to do it? That is the problem we are faced with in science. Seperating the good from the bad. But, is bad science really bad if it teaches us something? Science is the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge euqals power. Perhaps science is inherintly evil? Just some points to ponder. All I know is science lately has been doing a lot of research and breakthroughs in things that necisarily are not important at the time. It boils down to importance and priority. To me, the science that should be looked at and only looked at for the moment are those that will directly benefit/help the majority of humanity, as science affects us all. Cancer, aids, health sciences first, so we are not sick and in the hospital, then the social sciences so we are not putting our fellow brothers/sisters in the hospital. Science should be about logic, and lately I have noticed there is almost none out there. Want proof? Read up on hydrogen peroxide. The FDA has suppressed so much information about it, along with colloidal silver, yet they could both greatly benefit humanity. Cure cancer? Already done in 1966. Tell it to the guy that was run out of the country and had his work suppressed. The work is still out there, but how can you find something when you dont know its there and you dont know what you are looking for. The powers that be do this, they wish to keep us ignorant. I have chosen to deny this ignorance, and I shall with every fibre of my being until I die.
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    I agree with JC on this. Maybe its simply the era I grew up in with the Apollo missions, semi-conductors, teflon, etc. But I grew up thinking all things were possible through science. It was my religion and I'm still "hardwired" with those early beliefs. I still have a sincere belief that science will take away need, all want, all prejudice and replace it with a desire for personal exploration and drive toward excellence.
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    "I still have a sincere belief that science will take away need, all want, all prejudice and replace it with a desire for personal exploration and drive toward excellence." - Bleys

    Such a tool is very powerful. Democracy is touted the same way, yet can still be abused if the power is left in the hands of those who should not weild it. There are not enough checks and balances installed at the current time in my opinion for us to in good faith continue to pursue certain scientific avenues. Take the research at Brookhaven National Laboratory. They were trying to recreate a black hole. A BLACK HOLE. At ground zero. Earth. Earth level. Pardon the expletive that I am about to fill in with starts, but how the **** can anyone, anyone, justify research of that type? Especially at our current understanding of how things work. Science fails at times, theories are proved wrong, and we have to go back to the drawing board. Science like recreating a black hole is a one shot deal in my opinion. We either hope (hate words like that in science) that we get it right, and if we do, whoo hoo! But what if we dont? We can not go back. That is not smart. I could go on and on, but I wont. Science is important. Good science is very important. But it is a tool, a privilage if you must. We are still too arrogant to fully comprehend what we are capable of. We always learn the hard way, and repeat mistakes often, in the hopes of achieving god-hood. Which is truely what science is. I have no problems with wanting to accomplish this, I just want to do it in the safest ways possible.
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    Bleys, we have the same kind of ideas. :)

    Science can be dangerous if it is in the wrong hands ... that is true. But, so can a spoon. But, that same spoon in the right hands can do miracles from the person wielding it, by feeding another child than cannot feed itself. ;) So, my point is anything good can be used for bad. That is life and that is the way with anything. I myself try to focus on how to make the world better.

    How can this happen.. well, by taking risks. That is the only way to get things done. If stem-cell research can make a blind person see their kids for the first time in their life, then I am all for it. If we could break stem cells down to their most basic form and recreate them, all the better. Will problems happen? Probably... But, if we stagnate in science what will happen?

    Take this scenario.... We decide not to do the Cassini missions or send humans into space because of the dangers or the costs are too high. Those are great reasons not to do it. But, what happens as the generations go on and they adopt this policy as just normal life. What happens when the earth is moving out of the suns temperate zone? What happens when an asteroid is found that will not only hit the earth, but probably devastate it with another ice age? Well, humanity would be doomed.

    If we keep science moving forward, we visit other planets, we learn our origins, we learn about comets, then we can give our race a chance to survive. Ok, we have a shuttle blow up every now and then. I am sure we have been lucky with the space station so far as nothing has happened. But, if a meteor hit the space station and destroyed it, would that be a reason not to go back again? I do not think so.

    If I was not Color blind myself, I was going to be an Astronaut. I would today volunteer to go to space. If they asked for a volunteer to do a dangerous job and fix the Hubble, I would train in a heartbeat. If they asked me to go to Mars, I would be the first on my feet. Would it be dangerous? Yes, especially Mars, so many unknowns. But, those unknowns will remain unknowns unless we find them. The Astronauts and all the other scientists that risk their lives know what the risks are and take them out of adventure, learning, and advancing society. A death is a terrible thing and I myself have those people as role models. Forget the Athletes and actors that act like kids and think they are above anyone else, just because they can make you think they are crying or they can run a little faster or throw/catch a ball. The real role models are the ones out there everyday trying to better society and some that even die to better society. A loss is terrible, but I would personally jump on the top of that big firecracker. The risk is worth the advancement. I am sure that if the world was run by scientists, educators, and doctors it would be in a much better shape than being run by the lawyers and the Frat house popularity contestants they are today. I have never heard of someone say "I do not trust my heart surgeon" before their operation. But, how many people trust lawyers. ;) ha ha ha Science for me at least, is the future and something we need to stress it more to our younger generation.

    Just my thoughts.