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Discussion in 'Sociology' started by Bleys, Mar 12, 2005.

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    An innocent comment, an incorrect transcription and the digitial age we live - demonstrates that we must question everything we see on the net (and in the media) and research on our own.

    The following true story is from CNN and absolutely hilarious:

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    Well, I dont blame so much the US govt's choice of words and dialect, but the mere fact that, worldwide media sources, jumped the gun, like normal, and blast out what they think they heard or read.

    Although it might be funny, had it not been caught by other officials, it could have started a huge mess, especially in that part of the world ane being primarily Muslim, doesnt help.

    Al_JazzupBS (my version of that media grp) loves to report all types of crap, anything to make them look good. They dont care if it offends anyone, like the beheadings, they aired as is, full blown video. I actually wish the Arab League would banish and utterly destroy that media group. Just my opinion.