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    I would like to welcome you aboard and hope that you find ID interesting as well as educational. This site is primarily about Science and Tech and any contributions you make are welcomed into helping others learn.

    Please do tell us more about yourself, what you are interested in learning more about, what forums interest you. Something here made you decide to join the site, so please do tell us.

    We hope to see you around and look forward to you getting involved with ID. The members and staff here are really great and easy to get along with. If you have a question about anything or want to know more about something, please post a thread in the correct forum and someone will answer it, hopefully with the answer you are looking for. Please make sure you look at the rules. Thank you.

    Also seen that you have made yourself known here already, thats great, enjoy.

    Once again Welcome Aboard,
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    Thank you.
    If you need to know, the forum I am most involved in is the Philosophy Forum.
    I am an activist, and hope to change the world. The person who got me involved in this was my "friend" invader_chris, who goes to my school. He sent me an email inviting me to the philosophy forum, and I decided to check it out. As soon as I read a thread called "Love is Blind" I decided to join. Thank you again for your gracious welcome (No, I am not sucking up).
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    LOL Your Welcome. Please do become active elsewhere in the site. I am sure you will find other topics out there interesting or possibel raise questions you want to learn more about. Once again Welcome Aboard.