Astronomy Water on Mars: Superior evidence

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by JcMinJapan, Oct 9, 2004.

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    This picture is definately amazing. Look in the top left corner of the picture. The dirt has definate lines, the rocks is cracked and have definate firection to the wear. I wonder how much more proof they will find. Quite amazing!


    Here is the article from NASA
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    sadly we can find all the evidence we want to say we can go to mars and live there habitably we can have an established base with people on mars in 5 years hell i bet if the found a full city thats had a big sign saying "WELCOME EARTH PEOPLE UNLIMITED ENERGY WATER AND RECOURCES!'" we still wouldnt go

    of course my last example was a joke but there is no and i mean NO enthusaism for the space program there is no will to do anything

    if we started now we could have mars as an Earth 2 in 100 years. people need to get out of that mind set of well i dont care about that its not gona happen to me. because thats beyond the point the point is the future of humanity the feeling of adventure. the good of humanity working towards a better tommorw. People just dont realize the massive benifits that can come from space.

    after Columbie ( RIP ) no one trusts the NASA even thouhgh we have 5 great missions going on : Spirit and Oppurtunity which have done amazing going 3xs longer than they were expected. Cassini is giving us amazing information on saturn and great views of the giant planet. Huyugens is expected to plunge into titan soon and the launched the mission to mercury about a month ago.

    The space station isnt even half done it should have been completed by now also

    when i see all this i want a relivelly large meteor to slam into the desert or some forest and cause distruction but no loss of life so people can go "OH my god i cant believe it we need to do something!"

    ok im ranting sorry........