Metaphysics Void is art?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by tablet, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Imagine this, you're walking into a music concert. You are about to witness one of the world greatest symphony. Everyone is sitting quitely. Then the conductor start working his hands. For 3 minutes straight there was total silent. No sound, NOTHING. But you can hear the audience coughing and sneezing. Some doesn't know what's going on, so they stood up and left. Others just quitely chatting with each other about the 3 minutes silent after the symphony was over.

    This is old news but I want to bring it here for discussion. Click here for story

    Another similar to this is a "blank canvas". People do frame a blank canvas and hang it on their wall. Looks like "void" can be considered as "art". A form of creation.

    I have no say, maybe you do...
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    Art is always reletive to oppinion.
    I suppose a blank canvas or an silent overture is a statement to confront one with random oppinion.
    I can't have an empty head for more than a minuet before a random thought , meaning or oppinion enters.
    Maybe the artests wished to make a statement over this.
    But yeah thats just my interpritation in the silence.
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    Its a real peice of music you speak of. I forget the name of it but ever seince it was "preformed" it has become infamous in the world of symphony goers like myself/
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    Art like the void you speak of is much like meditation, but in a reverse sort of way. Art of a void is what you think of it, what you see, what you hear, what you envision. Like meditation, you silence all things in your mind to concentrate on the peaceful things, the harmony of ones mind and soul.

    Try taking that art peice, envision it, clear all thoughts, all distractions, focus on it, see in to it, then close your eyes and slowly drift to meditation for a moment...then reopen your eyes and look at the void, what do you see then, and it may only be for a brief second but you will see something that others will not. Its a little experiment, try it. In fact I will make a new thread for it to see what peoples responses are. You dont have to have a piece of black canvas, a bare wall will suffice or even your own computer using powerpoint starting in a slideshow so it blanks out all icons and so forth.
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    I like to think of Art as something you put effort into to produce, and it takes no effort to sing nothing and say it is art.
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    I agree Angel, its simple, but it also used no effort. If i turned a blank page in for an art class, I would fail the assignment.

    As for voids being art, I think an important sytle of art is using negative space. This is when you make the point of your art about the places you don't color. (Although there IS a colored part)

  8. Kalibur

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    Art, as recognized by our popular culture, society and most of its inhabitants is purely subjective and often overlooked. Most see art as a painting or sculpture -- there is so much more. The entire world is engulfed in Art.

    Anything that required creativity is artistic. Art is an invaluable expression of the deepest inner-self. The more receptive humanity becomes to Art, the closer it comes to knowing itself. Remember, Art starts within, then it is solidified, made tangible, so that the expression can be shared with others.

    Declaring the silence as 'non-artistic' is naive and undermines the point of artistic expression. Much like the vibration of a violin string, silence can be beautiful too.

    Which reminds me, what is that piece called?
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    speaking of silence, welcome back kaliber:bouncy::bounce::bouncy:
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    Thanks... Despite an overloaded schedule, I've made it a goal to be more active on ID.
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    The blank slate....

    The unbroken Symmetry of such...

    ..It is hunger for what was, before the beginning of the universe.
  12. _Angel_1991

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    Perhaps, but I think nothing is rather boring.
    There is a point where it is better not to touch something, just leave it as it is, but other than that... you can have beauty without too much or too little...
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    Sometimes appreciation has to be developed.