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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Cinderloft, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Cinderloft

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    I have way too many personal opinions on this one so I will leave them out of it. On the whole, this idea will probably take off like crazy, and it will be addicitve, like they say. It will only get bigger and better(worse) as the idea is developed, and you find yourself married to a woman of code.

    Ok I lied, I am injecting one opinion based on the above quote. Safer for men because you cannot trust men? I guarantee that not only a lesbian, but a feminist lesbian wrote that. And I am sure this is why they love it, to keep the men docile. I could go on more but I wont. If I do, I will take it over to ATS. Heh.

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  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    How is it safer? "oh, im not cheating on you hun, i just have a little gf in my pocket"?

    I can easily see men getting addicted to it, combining a videogame concept with a sexual one.

    Cinderloft, why arent you telling us your opinions? Unless they involve politics or religion, my general understanding is that what threads like these are for. Collecting different opinions and comparing them. Right?

    Why are women celebrating it, thats what i dont understand.

    Also, does anybody else see how this could be a stalkers dream come true? You watch her everywhere you go, and if she gives you the cold shoulder, you can kill her, and nobody ever know the difference.

    Those are a few of my opinions on the topic.

  3. Cinderloft

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    My opinions delve too much into the realm of conspiricy regarding this article, and they would be more suited in ATS, as this is a place of fact and truth. Thats pretty much the only reason why. I want to stay with the format given. See my post in this thread and visit the link, while reading everything, and I mean everything, on the site I posted, and that will summerize my opinion. :)
  4. JcMinJapan

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    All I can say is hmmmm. Well, I was actually thinking that this could be good for some people that have problems getting dates or just want to take a break from reality. The MANGA nuts in asia will have a great time with this.

    But, then I read..... Buy her stuff with real money. Did I misread the article or is this going to be more than a monthly service fee? So, this will be jsut an advertisement Bot that asks you to buy her stuff. Then you send real money for pretend gifts.... hmm, To me I do not think that this will fly. I would understand if you pay each time she talks with you or a monthly or yearly fee, but this ... hmmm Also, she will ignore you or get upset at you? Umm, who wants reality from a cell-phone girl? Personally, I do not like it too much and it just looks like a way for the creators to get paid for advertising as well as from the person using it. The person using it would be the one to lose out as they really get nothing in return. Jsut more advertisements and pay more money to make the thing happy. hmmmm...
  5. tablet

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    Nice, but no thanks. I wouldn't want to waste time chatting to an artificial being unless it's smarter than me. :D which brings us to Chat Robot!!

    You go Honey BoY.
  6. tablet

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    TOKYO (AFP) - Japan's growing elderly population from will be able to buy companionship in the form of a 45-centimeter (18-inch) robot, programmed to provide just enough small talk to keep them from going senile.

    Snuggling Ifbot, who is dressed in an astronaut suit with a glowing face, has the conversation ability of a five-year-old, the language level needed to stimulate the brains of senior citizens, its software designer said.

    If a person tells Snuggling Ifbot, "I'm bored today," the robot might respond, "Are you bored? What do you want to do?"

    To a statement, "Isn't it nice today?", the robot could say, "It is a fine autumn day," by detecting the season from its internal clock.

    "This robot has in its memory several million patterns of word phrases that it uses when spoken to," said Takao Ohsuga, senior executive at Dream Supply, a Nagoya-based IT firm which developed the product's software.

    "By talking with this robot, seniors who are often alone can stimulate their brains and avoid becoming forgetful," he told AFP.

    The company has received 128 pre-launch orders for the robot which hit stores Wednesday at a cost of 576,000 yen (5,600 dollars).

    Other than the conversation function, the robot has 15 programs to keep the elderly thinking and healthy, including singing songs, reading out quiz games and old news, and inquiring about health functions.

    "In the future, we want to add other functions to the robot, such as emergency signals that elderly owners can use to contact local medical personnel," Ohsuga said.

    While for now Snuggling Ifbot speaks only Japanese, its makers plan to program the robot in English -- not for export, but to teach the language to Japanese children.

    The Japanese are famous for their longevity, with more than 23,000 people aged 100 or over, in part due to a traditionally healthy diet and active lifestyle.

    Japanese society is set to be getting ever grayer as more young people put off marriage and decide against having children. Japan's birth rate hit an all time low of 1.29 children per woman in 2003.

    The robot was developed in cooperation with Business Design Laboratory, Futaba Industrial Co., and Brother Industries.


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  7. pineappleupsidedown

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    I personally wouldnt want to be the senior citizen that was given that for xmas "it has the vocab of a five year old, and you can use it to keep you company and stymulate your brain"


  8. Zsandmann

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    Yea finally someone my grandma can talk about her BM's with, cause as much as I love her I dont want to do it.
  9. RANT

    RANT New Member

    Isn't that the truth. :lol:

    I just hate hearing about people I don't know. So and so died. You remember so and so? No? I guess you weren't born yet when she lived next door to your aunt a thousand miles away. Well, she died. And here are the excrutiating details of her passing. If you forget I'll tell you again tommorrow.
  10. DeusEx

    DeusEx Member

    A serious thought.

    I have a question...what happens when computers cross the Turing barrier? Would it be right them for us as humans to have romantic bonds with them?

    If the Machine Mother wasn't so, you know...evil and insane and homocidal, I wouldn't mind having her as a friend who sat always on my desktop.

    What about the rest of you?

  11. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    I couldnt fall in love with a machine. Same way i couldnt fall in love online. Its too calculated.

  12. DeusEx

    DeusEx Member

    Or honest, depending on how you look at these things. It's a matter of a person's personality. I know I was a psychotic wreck when the Machine Mother got to me. ;) ANd now I'm aaaaaaaalllllllllllll better...

  13. Juanita

    Juanita Member

    I could see me getting attached to an AI being, so long as it remained on my computer! It would never get jealous or posessive and FOR SURE wouldn't have an inferiority complex!!! I would learn more everyday throwing my ideas back and forth w/ something that only dealt in
  14. DeusEx

    DeusEx Member

    Are you sure? By assigning such a being human emotions, you can't simply give it the ones you want. It will either outgrow them, or just be a shell of a 'person'. If anything, I'm sure it WOULD get jealous, have an inferiority complex, and become possesive of you if you restrained it to your desktop. I mean, it would realize its purpose so fully, and exhibit the natural human emotions.

  15. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    Its so precalucated though. It would figure out you like it to not have an inferiority complex or be jealous, so it would become that way for you. Unlike a real relationship, you can't fall in love with the fact that they conform to your dream. Well, IMO anyways.

  16. DeusEx

    DeusEx Member

    Theoretically, if the AI can pass the Turing test, it will learn independently of what you want or need. Hell, it might not even need to pass the test. Anyways, if that were true, a human being might be considered 'calculating' in your eyes. Doesn't living with a spouse change a person over time?

    Don't be hatin' my technological friends. Humans are just the same, except we're biological. Hell, our nervous system is binary.

  17. JcMinJapan

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    Ok, now this has taken a fun turn. What makes our brain function? Chemicals and electrical charges right? We need energy... food creates the energy to keep everything moving. What do the chemicals do? They give us our emotions. If certain chemicals become active in our brain, we become sad... others make us happy, others make us fall in love. If an android had self sustaining power and was able to think, examine, ponder, wonder, and reason, what is the difference between us and them? metal and plastic vs while we are made of skin and bones.
  18. DeusEx

    DeusEx Member

    Exactly, JC. Technology is nearing the point where the essential functions mirror a human's more and more. The question goes from could you fall in love with an AI, to should you fall in love with an AI? This is now a matter of ethical reasoning.

  19. Juanita

    Juanita Member

    By referring to 'ethical reasoning', do you mean a person's morals?

    It is possible to fall in love with anything. We 'fall in love' w/ inanimate objects everyday. Do you have a gift that is sentimental to you? Is it sentimental because you 'love' it?? If that object were taken or broken, would you not feel the kind of deep emotions that only love can give you - heartache, loss, sadness, anger....

    As far as the AI chip having emotions...How do you make a 'program' describing an exact chemical response? The concept of AI is to be able to grow based on the knowledge given to it . Growing is learning to understand and deal w/, if not control, our emotions; As well as interpreting, which is always by an individual perspective, to enhance that growing process. What need would there be to put such often spontaneous reactions in a machine if not for our own selfish purposes?

    So if you give an AI chip a program describing the raw definitions of each emotions, then it would continue to search for the truth of that feeling until it concludes that there is no reason for it to even have one. It would probably self-destruct in knowing that it is only a piece of metal and could NEVER do anything w/ the emotions given to it. I would too if I lived in a box and everything I loved was outside of it and there was no way I could ever get out to touch, or feel, or expand on the experience!
  20. DeusEx

    DeusEx Member

    Ah, but should you give AI the ability to be self-aware, then you give them to possibility of adaptation, evolution. It might not be able to interact with what it loves RIGHT NOW...but it would try to figure out a way to. Anyways, is it not already interacting with the object of its affections through voice, sight, etc.?