Human Biology Video games calm kids before surgery

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by Bleys, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Bleys

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    Researchers have found that letting kids play video games prior to having surgery reduces stress and keeps the child calm better than if they are prescribed tranquilizers or having a parent with them.

    The difference in anxiety levels is remarkable with no increase in anxiety for kids who were playing with their GameBoys compared with those who were given tranquilizers actually still showing anxiety.

    I hate giving my children medication unnecessarily - to know that a GameBoy is more able to alleviate some of that fear or anxiety than a valium is something I plan on implementing in my household for trips to the dentist, doctor, etc


    CNN - Health
  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    As long has they dont have to share the gameboy.

    I've babysat 4 boys all together before, and i know how if competion is added to the mix it is a worse solution than having no gamboy.

  3. Bloodlust

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    i gues playin video games dose pay off:pbjtime:
  4. /Future Corpse/

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    Being in a hospital, let alone having any type of surgery, is very stressful for most people. I would imagine that the games are just a way to preoccupy the child's mind.
  5. JcMinJapan

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    I can understand it. they can leave reality for bit and get their mind off the surgery. Reading a book will let their mind wander, unless it is very interesting for them. The same with cards, but, when you add in action and constant movement, no real time for the mind to wander and think about the surgery.
  6. Mizar

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    When ive had surgery my 2 times I was calmed at just how awesome the whole system was. I mean when I broke my arm in a bicycle accident and I had the raidus out my arm and the ulna ready to come out any second. It hurt.... But when I got in the ambulance I was so amazed by the equipment it took my mind off it all. then ofcourse they killed my wiht pain killers.... and sent me to imieadite surgery.

    But before my first surgery on my nose ( exposed blood vessel = cronic nosebleeds) I got to watch regis and Kelly before i went under. That took my mind off it.

    But for little kids I can see how video games will work. Its all kids do these days. haha. Its more intresting and less nerver racking than having a lady go "Its going to be fine!:)"