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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Sauron, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Sauron

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    I would really like to see this Android running, or a media link, does any here know of, or heard of this technology before, it’s seems a bit of the Jettison’s to me and the photo is of a mannequin, to purchase one they want half up front and I believe the price was 59 grand, here is a ,link to the AI Programming Example,link if it means anything.


    As I said above these are only pics of a mannequin, makes me question why, Anyway is man advanced this far in Robotics?

    Android World
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    That does not look too reputable in my opinion. The hard part in making these robots work, is the balancing act that they must do. I mean actually balancing while they walk. The human brain has allot to do to make us not fall over. Also, for all the complex operations and mechanics, where is this thing storing the power? We would have to have a much better energy source than our current to make them look like humans. The Honda ASIMO robot is probably the best out there.

    I figure Humanoid looking robots are coming in the future, but expect many years.
  3. Sauron

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    Yes I agree about balance in a robot, android, as well as stairs and steps.
    And I think it would cost a lot more than 59,000 $

    Sony has been using their ‘Qrio’ technology in movement

    Qrio is Sony’s little dancing robots the movement on them is I think amazing when I seen the video

    Qrio’s Demo windows media player

    QRIO Home Page
  4. JcMinJapan

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    Great Link! I had not heard of this one... ha ha

    Did you see the movement video at ?

    This is amazing, it can jump, balance, throw a ball, and many other things. I watched all the vids and it is cool!

    I will have to check more into this. Robotics is fascinating for me!
  5. oddtodd

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    There is a point at 2min. 30 sec. where I was sure they were starting to do the macarena (I was mistaken)

    That was really cool ! downloading the vid to share right now .