Earth Science US East Coast wiped out?

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by JcMinJapan, Sep 12, 2004.

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    On the island of La Palma in the Canaries archipelago, there is a very unstable volcano that could plunge into the ocean.
    Many think that the water trapped between dykes of impermeable rock could create pressures that eventually lead to the western flank of the mountain falling away during some future eruption. Scientists went on to say that this could happen in 10 or 20 years or even longer or possibly even shorter. ha ha... Great esitmates huh? But, it does sound probable in our lifetime though... WOW
    Should the volcano become active again, scientists belief part of the southern mountain ridge will slide into the Atlantic ocean, causing a tsunami of 900 meters (3000 feet) high that will break on the shores of Florida and Brazil.

    Scientists have claimed that if it does erupt, there is a good chance that landslide could occur and around a half a trillions tons of rock could go falling into the ocean. Now, this rock will displace the water causing a tital wave of magnificent porportions. It is estimated that it would be around 650 meters or around 2,100 feet in height. It would travel vert very high speeds and give only a few hours of warning for evacuations. Now, it is expected that the tidal waves size would weaken as it crossed the Atlantic, but would still be in the range of 45 - 50 meters or 150 feet in height.

    Taking all this into account here are the most recent volcanic activity: 1971, 1949, 1712, 1677-78, 1646, 1585, 1435. Looks like we may be due for another one? - Scientists warn of massive wave - August 29, 2001
    La Palma Tsunami

    Any opinions on this? Next topic I will do a special for Seth. Hawaii... The Ticking Time bomb! BWAHAHA
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    Interesting information -- thanks -- but I am going to hope for 40 or 50 years (since I am 51 :wow: ) I don't think my little hill on Long Island is going to be much protection.....:(
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    I saw a show on this on Discovery channel, the evidence is pretty convincing that it will go soon. (When I say soon I say it like a geologist would, soon can be 10 or 100 years) That said they showed film of the island and there is a large slide scar from past slides. If it went the east coast would never have time to run, the capital southward would likely be destroyed.
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    there is alot of gelogical activity going on lately i wonder what the deal is im expecting a under water earth quake soon in the pacific to make a tsuanimi i wont be supperised if we see one in the next year with all the stuff going on in teh "Ring of Fire"
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    I watched that same Discovery Channel program. Don't ya just love documentaries that keep you up nights?

    One thing I did notice about the program - it assumed worse case scenario. I think just as easily we could see a smaller landslide and no tsunami.

    Regardless though - with as many active volcanos that are currently showing their stuff, you have to wonder what's up.
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    I don't know how I missed that docu.....I watch them all if you ask DH....

    So north of DC won't be as bad .... little old LI, NY would only be flattened perhaps..:p the only way I could get off the island in a couple of hours is if I took the boat and somehow I don't know if that would help much huh? :o
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    I saw the same documentary. I remembered it, so that is why I looked it up. Will the activity in the world, it seems like Geology is a hot topic now.
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    Wow -- you were right there.

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    Isn't Long Island on a subduction zone ? I read somewhere that there is a ton of natural heat bubbling up there ?

    I also read that subduction zones (where one tectonic plate burrows under another) can be gently sloping or very abrupt like the recent tragedy . and the amount of water displacement is affected accordingly . any info on this ? ( I just saw The Day After Tomorrow )
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    You would think with all this knowledge about the possibilities of tidal waves that something would be done off the coast to protecte it like for instance barrier reefs just above water displaced along the coast. Which would also help in the event of hurricanes with rising tides and water than crashes. The barrier reefs like th eones off the coast of Okinawa and Japan help break the waves up prior to impacting, causing to to slow and crash downward into the water before reaching landfall. Its not a wall that you can hide behind and it will protect you but it surely would decrease the impact.