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    I'm doing a really important essay and was hoping I could use ID's great research capabilities to find out a few things.

    1, where did death "the grim reaper" originate?
    2, What religions were there before christianism (i'm not very good with names of religions)
    3, The origin of the atomic bomb, mainly how einsteins research contributed to it, and what he said in regret to it afterwards.
    4, What happened to Galileo, mainly the story behind the church not looking in his telescope and his choice between refuting the facts he had found or death.

    Thanks in advance.

    - Ice -
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    # 3 . Albert Einstein and the Atomic Bomb

    Einstein wrote a letter to the president and had about 2 days work on the atomic bomb , his piers excluded him from the work perhaps out of respect for the brilliant and peaceful mind that pointed out how much energy could be released using his work . Will get back to you with Gallileo....

    Paragraph 9 states his thoughts and correspondence regarding the new invention .

    Galileo summary A good Galileo biography .

    "Shortly after publication of Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief Systems of the World - Ptolemaic and Copernican the Inquisition banned its sale and ordered Galileo to appear in Rome before them. Illness prevented him from travelling to Rome until 1633. Galileo's accusation at the trial which followed was that he had breached the conditions laid down by the Inquisition in 1616. However a different version of this decision was produced at the trial rather than the one Galileo had been given at the time. The truth of the Copernican theory was not an issue therefore; it was taken as a fact at the trial that this theory was false. This was logical, of course, since the judgement of 1616 had declared it totally false. " -from the above link...
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    thankyou todd, just number 2 to go, then i may need to ask more.
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    christianity actually stems from a vast number of ancient religions, one is celtism/wiccanism/druidism where they got the days for most of their holidays another is judaism/muslim(yes they are essentially the same faith) where they got their beliefs and propheses, there is more but i dont know them off the top of my head
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    i believe islam was post christianity,preexisting would be your jewish-buddist (not really practisted in western eurp.) and your varing pagan religions followed by the celts- germans- brits- steppe plains tribes and of course rome. the big ones for them was ancester worship, emporor worship, worship of the various roman and greek gods- big among these would be mithra, dyonisis, apollo
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    Christianity came out of Judism, if that gives you a reference point.

    Einstein worked on the Manhatten Project(the top-secret research project) for president Truman, the first to order the launch of an Atomic bomb.

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    einstein joined in with a group of other noted phyisasitsss in signing a letter to president rosavelt urging the funding of and development of a nucular device- with the knowledge that german ( and japenese) phisasitsss were working upon the same. I dont know of any instance where he actually participated in the bombs development other then the theroletical (i'm sure thats not spelled rite either) work behind it.