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    What's on the docket - CNN

    #1 SCOTUS will rule whether the Constitution allows states to execute juvenile killers. The decision could affect 19 states who allow for children to be tried as adults.

    #2 Medicinal marijuana - states rights vs. federal law.

    #3 Additional clarification of Title IX's gender equity provisions.

    #4 The justices will decide if states can bar interstate wine sales over the Internet.

    #5 Imminent domain vs. private property rights - can your city seize your property to turn over to developers in the interest of economic development?

    #6 The death penalty for foreign nationals will also be reviewed.

    #7 And for all you file sharers - look for a ruling regarding whether file-sharing services should be held responsible if their customers illegally swap songs and movies online.

    #8 SCOTUS will also take a look at the 10 commandments and whether posting them constitutes a violation of church and state.

    If you are interested in the outcome of a certain case - let me know and I'll review the decision and post excerpts here for discussion.

  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    #5 Imminent domain vs. private property rights - can your city seize your property to turn over to developers in the interest of economic development?

    My mother is an enginneer. Whenever anyone does a major remodel, they have to agree that if the city needs an easement from them later on for a large project, they will help out.

    In this way, once an entire block of homes have all done remodels (and in my fast-growing city, it happens quite often) they are able to take away a bit of everyone's land a put in a sidewalk or something.

    This is a bit different than what you are talking about i think, but i have no problem with the way they do it for that instance.

    Now if a major delevoper wants to build a freeway through my house, thats a different issue.

  3. wellwhatnow

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    These are all pretty important issues. I would like to discuss the outcomes of them. If I had to narrow it down I would say #'s 1, 2, 3, and 8 would be the most meaningful to me.

    Thanks for bringing this up.
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    If they allow 8, that would not be good, it would become a country where the religion of SOME affect the lives of ALL. and plus the US was founded by people who werent christians, lol thomas jefferson would be turning in his grave if he wasnt cremated, i dont know if he was it was just funny saw it somewhere.
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    If they make the service owners responsible for users downloading illegal stuff, this will be a terrible precident. Yeah, many actually promote it, but it is up to each individual. What would come next?

    Would our site be responsible if one of you plagarised a writer? Would we have to check every post for authenticity? I think that if a site says that it is illegal to do the stuff, then that is the most control that one can have without 27/4 monitoring. The progress of the internet would slow to a crawl.
  6. junior_smith

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    great point jcmin
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    Just post the outcome of all, please, if you dont mind. I would like to know the outcome of most of them.