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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Mizar, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Mizar

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    So what are you going to be watching in prime time on October 27 if you live in north america?
    well im goign to be watching the most perfectly placed lunar eclipse we have had in decades. or going see a Arron Copland and Dvorak concert if its cloudy but thats another story.

    yes this is a good eclipse for north american and some of europe full story below
  2. JcMinJapan

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    Hey, if it is clear, can you get some pics?
    I would love to see them!
  3. Zsandmann

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    Im gonna climb The Foothills for this one if the weather is favorable, but I dont have a zoom camera. :(

    Soooo, who wants to donate to the Z wants to film the eclipse fund raiser. If I get good pics I'll post them in this thread.
  4. Mizar

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    ya Mc im planing to take pics if its clear and i watch. like i said if its clear im going to stay home and watch the eclipse if its cloudy im going see a concert by my local orceerstra. but that was on my agenda to take pics:yes:
  5. Mizar

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    Just reminding everyone that tommorw night is the lunar eclipse
    i am gioing to that concert but i should be home by 10pm wiich would be about 20 min into the hour of toatlity so i wont get any shots of it going into toatlity
  6. Zsandmann

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    I went and bought some low light film today for my camera. Its a very high quality camera but I dont have a zoom lense. Luckily I can have the pics put on CD and CD's can be easiy manipulated. So hopefully by the weekend Im going to have some photos.

    Z Out
  7. Zsandmann

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    This link has more info on the eclipse as well as general eclipse info and a live webcam. So if you are not in America or Europe check it out here in about 3 and a half hours.
  8. Zsandmann

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    A compliation of lunar eclipse photos:
    Better quality ones coming!

    The Blair Witch was even there!
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  9. Mizar

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    OK!! i did it i took the pictures and i went to the concert the concert was awesome and my pictures arent! haha

    well it was a "Seires of Unfourtnate events"
    see i have a digital camera
    a 4.0 megapix so its nice BUT i dont have a mount so i had to hold teh camera to the eyepice of my lil tiny ETX 90 ( ive got a broken arm also so i couldnt haul out my giant 10in dob) so i take out my ETX and it starts to fog up!
    o well i start taking pics anyway well the moon was so dark that i had to go to manual mode and shoot 1 sec exposures and needless to say my hands arent taht steady and between the fog errr my pics werent so good. but here is the best one i got ....


    then i decided id get my tripod and take stand alone pics that worked out well but the eclipse started to end ...


    so as i increasingly became bored with the moon i decided what the hell let me take pictures of the pleaiades with my camera alone.... thenn i was killed by lightpollution but i managed to set teh focal point good once and get this shot...


    and what the hell to prove my camera doesnt suck here are some photos ive taken before astronomical related



    there i hope yall enjoyed that i hope someone else had better picture luck on this board than me.....
  10. justme1640

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    Didn't have a camera but it was grand!!! Went down to the beach to watch but have to admit we did come home sooner than we might have because of the baseball game.

    It is always rainy, cloudy or foggy when cool things like this happen normally but tonight was perfect! :cheers:

  11. JcMinJapan

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    Thanks alot for the pics.... I could not see it over ehre, but I have really enjoyed the pics posted by the members... Thanks a bunch!
  12. JcMinJapan

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    Wow, great sites.....! I love the pics! Thanks alot for the links.

    Even if not the best, it would be great to see the pics... :)
    Members pics are always the coolest, even if not as good as the pros.