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  1. Man.....I have waited around here for a week solid waiting for this place to get rolling. The one night I decide to visit the local watering hole, the captains decide to pull the curtin. That would be about par for my luck these days! Everything looks great guys excellent job. Looks like my keyboard has quite a workout coming to it.
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    See thats why drinking is bad for your health. You miss stuff when you are drinking. Now I command you to read every thread on this forum. :) After you sober up.
  3. Hay...Hay...Haaaay.... Im not druunk, pffffbbbb.
    Couldnt help it, the pub had a $1.00 22oz Bud Light special going. :)
    Couldnt pass up the opportunity for cheap beer and watching the Yankees get spanked like they stole something!:p