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    I don't know if this is the kind of forum in which to be posting something like this, and I know that in any forum, not everybody agrees. But, I have personallhy always believed in being kind to animals, especially when they have done nothing wrong.

    I hope, but don't expect to get even one person to pay attention, but maybe they will. However, I understand if this is not the right forum......Mods will decide.

    Well anyway, I recently got some literature in the snail mail from an organization called "Peta". They are an animal rights group. Well, I usually don't read propaganda type stuff, but because of my interest in the subject matter, I went ahead and read it. I cried when I read the poem on the front:


    "Unseen they suffer
    Unheard they cry
    In agony they linger
    Alone they die."

    Then I went on to read some more. I don't know if it was perhaps exaggerated, since they were trying to get donations - I certainly hope it was exaggerated, because the things that were described were just horrible! I am not going to decscibe anymore than the poem, don't worry.

    But it really made me think.....I strarted looking on my shampoo bottles, toothpaste, soap, household cleansers, etc.... to see if it said on the lable, "not tested on animals" because usually if that is the case, they will make a point of advertising it.

    I was shocked to find that not one item that I use regularly, said anything at all on the label regarding animal testing. I'm sure if the subject is not mentioned, that means that it probably was tested on animals. I didn't be radical and throw anything out that I had been using all along. However, I am from now on, going to make a point next time I shop for those items, to try and find products that say on the label that it was not tested on animals.

    I don't judge other people for their likes, dislikes, etc... and I certainly don't think it is my place to tell others what to do. But I was so sadly moved by the rest of what I read, that I am simply suggesting that if there is even one person reading this, who may also be moved, quits purchasing products tested on animals, that would be a great contribution for a cause that can't be anything but good.

    Thank you for listening.

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    JUst cause its not labelled on the item stating that, doesnt mean it was. Alot of this doesnt happen anymore, the movements of the late 80's and early 90's got 98% of that remove by the turn of the millenium. The ones that have those labels were ones that were mentioned somewhere in the news or was a by product of a company that may have been using animals. There are other places in the world that does this. Here in the US very highly unlikley and if so, they would be reported and shut down. Now there is a fine line between products used on animals and science labs using animals for the benefit of survival in all forms of life on earth.

    And if you decide to donate, I would be sure to check into that. Some organizations are "fine line" terrorists organizations, that destroy property and hurt persons becuase of their beliefs. So be sure you know who you are donating and not financing. All it takes is some searching and phone calls to know, the BBB is usually a route to go and if they dont know about it, they will put you in the right plac to find out more.
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    Thank you, mscbkc70904, what you wrote made me feel a lot better. And no, I was not planning on donating, I get sentimental about a lot of causes, but I certainly can't afford to donate to all of them.

    However, if it something I really believe in, I try to do other things like making that post, suggesting that maybe if someone else wanted to be conscious about not buying products that encourage that practice. But, I will take your word, because that is an area that I have always felt was very wrong, but lately, I really haven't kept up on the new laws and regulations regarding this.

    I guess that when I sometimes see a product that clearly is marked, "we do not test on animals", I just assumed that the ones that don't say that, do. But, I can see why I was probably wrong, since every household product in my home that I checked, did not have any such labeling. Thanks again for setting my mind at ease.

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    Hey no problem. Just dont worry so much about that type of stuff going on anymore, as far as the US is concerned. Now in other countries, cant speak for them, but "vivisection" still happens. And thats because laws are not either implemented or enforced as they should be.
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