ID Introduction [U2U to me from ilovepizza] "Congrats on becoming a mod!!!"

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself @ ID' started by Cinderloft, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Cinderloft

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    [U2U to me from ilovepizza] "Congrats on becoming a mod!!!"

    Originally sent by U2U to Cinderloft from ilovepizza:

    First off, thanks for the congratulations. There is no real secret, I just do my part day in, day out, trying to help build up this site with meaningful content and commentary. I am active a lot, I have some ideas, and I raised the priority of this website in my daily life. Not so much that it interfers with my life, but where some people may have a hobby or something they dedicate time to outside of relationships, work, etc, this is my hobby, my interests, etc. You don't see model airplane builders with 2 years experience crashing a plane into a brick building every day. They learn, get better, and commit time.

    I was invited to become a mod because this was recognized by the powers that be. Just being who I am is what the secret was. The only choice I had was whether I wanted to become one or not. Of course I said yes, as the offered were ones that interested me a lot, and I believe I can help make them grow. I will still be active in the others, but I shall be concentrating my efforts more directly to the forums I moderate. It does take dedication and work to do it. If I do not have the ability to do it and I recognize the inability, I will gladly step down, as I only want the best for the community we have here.

    On the topic of stepping down, now that I am considered a Moderator, I am also considered staff. This means I must now bow out of the sanctioned games. I will still be in the Brain Teasers mind you, when time allows it, but I shall not be able to grace the halls of the ::GAMEMASTER:: series. Good luck to all of my fellow participants.

    This was originally a message written for a U2U reply to ilovepizza, but I feel it deserves to be my official statement on recent developments. :) And as any good person in some kind of power, I must support my fellow Denyers by announcing my support for the campaign of more smilies. Thank you to all, I look forward to the future.

  2. helenheaven

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    welcome Cinderloft!

    remember only use your powers for good not evil ;)
  3. tablet

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    I didn't see this coming. Pizza, there's a secret. You want to become a mod - keep on smiling... have a look at his avatar.

    So everyone, let's start smiling!!!!!

    I go first: :) :) :) :) :) :p
  4. ilovepizza

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    I think cinderloft should still be able to compete. Knowing him he would not look at the answer even if he did have access to it. Maybe in the future when there are more members competing he will not be allowed to, but right not there are not that many members competing.
  5. junior_smith

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    good for you cinderloft, it was inevtable, ask anyone a few days ago who would be the best mod that isn't a mod at the moment and they would say you, so three cheers for cinder.
  6. ilovepizza

    ilovepizza Premium Member

    If there is ever a forum on denying ignorance of pizza I am perfect choice for a mod of that forum:p:p:p Cinderloft is a great choice for all the other forums that are here.

    I am still waiting for that forum about pizza. :p:p
  7. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    Now that's a spirit!! Smiling not only show how happy you are. It show show how happy you are! keep smiling and you'll be on your way.
  8. helenheaven

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    Happy Birthday Cinders !!!

    It's already the 21st here....ha ha ha

    HAVE A BLAST !!!!!!!!!
  9. junior_smith

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    21st here now, so happy b-day cinder , have fun with your 1 year old girfriend, im sure you too will have lots to talk about, she might even say a word or too, like goo goo gah gah lol just jkes, but have a good one