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Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Icewolf, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    we've all seen american films where people go to court. But. we always see them swearing on the bible. But what happens if they aren't of that religion it would be like swearing on a tamatoe sandwhich.

    What happens in this case?
  2. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    When I was in court (witness) they brought the bible up for me to swear on, and I didnt, and they dismissed me.
  3. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    surely if your a different religion or maybe have no religion at all they can't make you swear on a bible. . .
  4. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    I moved this thread to "legal issues", as it seems more appriopriate for the conversation.

    I think is more of the ceremony than the actual swearing on the Bible that matters.

    It offically says you are going to tell the truth, and now if you don't, it is a crime in itself.

  5. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member

    Very true , I was in court once and refused the bible swearing (just not a beliver in any one particular god , so I would already be lying...)

    so the judge asked me if I understood that lying was considered purgury and was a punisable offence . when I answered yes she asked me if I understood my legal obligation to tell the truth , and would I agree to , taking her information into account .

    I said yes , and the case continued

    This was in the puritanical state of Massatucky (Massachusets) , states that still do the bile swearing are guilty of not seperating church and state issues themselves . So acknowledging lying to the court as purgury is a defacto solution .
  6. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    hmm still, whats everyones opinions of a solution to the problem
  7. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    Just get rid of swearing on the bible. That would solve it.

    Also, getting rid of all mention of a god from money,court, and so forth, would please me.

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  8. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member

    Get god out of the state funded courtroom !

    * and make people aware of the peanalties for purgury , and make those automatic : if you are proved to be a liar thru your own statements , you leave for the farm right then and there !
  9. Young William

    Young William Premium Member

    The institution, or so I've heard it referred to..... places great emphasis upon the presence of unsurity, which for some brings fear, sometimes even WOLVES!. The debate which rests upon the shoulders of each individual will continue to breed option. How many have placed a hand over what they deemed a book of statute will forever drown this question.
    Great topic, my only regret, is that more feedback has not been provided.
  10. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    I favor trial by combat, and to be fair by champion if need be.
  11. Subdued

    Subdued Emotional Wreckage Premium Member

    Well, i'm not sure whether Bible is used in all US courts. A solution to the problem would be - if the person is of different religion or no religion at all - just to ask him "to swear to say the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." I don't see it as such a big problem. Even if a person is religious, there is no giarantee that they won't lie. And whether religious or not, there is always the possibility to be charged with perjury.
  12. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    oh an idea!
    They sign a contract saying if they intentionally lie in front of the court they will go to jail for 1 year or something like that
  13. Subdued

    Subdued Emotional Wreckage Premium Member

    Well, taking an oath is more or less similar to this one;)