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    I responded to a post about void is art and came up with an idea for a little experiment to see how it works for different people and would like your responses, not jsut for me, but for everyone, cause each of us is unique in our own way. Thanks for trying if you do.

    Try taking that art peice, envision it, clear all thoughts, all distractions, focus on it, see in to it, then close your eyes and slowly drift to meditation for a moment...then reopen your eyes and look at the void, what do you see then, and it may only be for a brief second but you will see something that others will not. Its a little experiment, try it. In fact I will make a new thread for it to see what peoples responses are. You dont have to have a piece of black canvas, a bare wall will suffice or even your own computer using powerpoint starting in a slideshow so it blanks out all icons and so forth.
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    I have try it ,but see nothing on the wall,once i looking at a picture staringly for seconds, then watched a void wall, and found a terrible head. I think it is just a trick for humans seeing~~