Metaphysics Truth About Lies

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Icewolf, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Icewolf

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    Lying is a way of life, a philosophy, (i have no idea why i always justify my threads with that). But how can you tell if someone is lying, and why di they do it. All around us people are lying constantly, about their age identity etc, but whats your experiences (and any toher facts you can supply) about this.
  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    A good way to tell if someone is lying is to just listen. If you are quiet they will assume you believe them and relax a little. If you seem skeptical, they will become defensive and then there is no sure way to tell. But if you listen then you can wait for them to slip up. then..


  3. Young William

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    Traveling through each day, I often find myself too engaged in activity for proper reflection. Working and going to school full-time is a character-building process. My current occupation allows me to observe a great deal of extremely wealthy people on a daily basis.
    Many before have told me that I'm over-analytical and a bit harsh, however, I cannot justify overlooking what appears obvious, at least in my perception.

    Lying is a term that has evolved into many facets of our daily lives. The twentieth-century is responsible for alot of the mistrust that inhibits the masses today. While I tend to believe that most value truth, still, it's my opinion that lying is a tool in today's economy for wealth accumulation. I've found that most self-actualized people have very little reason to lie, were those in search of the common desires, seem to remain on a path of continuous aversion.
  4. Icewolf

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    as my teacher says, "if you have to lie about it, you shouldn't have done it in the first place"
  5. SubVolitional

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    I could probably make a career out of being lied any rate....

    If want to try and catch someone lying here are a fefw basic signs..

    1) Eye movement.

    The glance will usually be up and to the side in the middle of a false diatribe. Think of it as an inaudible, "Ummm." This occurs in inexperienced misrepresenters often and usually stems from the," I can't look you in the eye," anxiety. Note the eyes will achieve eye contact most of the time. The up and away gesture is furtive.

    2)Subdued persona

    Usually comprised of a sigh at the beginning of the fib as well as any concessionary statements, i.e. a focus on a mutual agreement that does not pertain to the main point.

    3)Quick to defend and overly vehement at it

    Only in issues that are personal.

    To practice your ability to not be decieved, the next time you watch a movie realize that they are lying!! For comparison, watch a couple of "bad" movies and then some containing award winners. I can now pick up subtle cues in the form of movement, expression, tone of voice, etc. The key to keep in mind is context. Given the situation and supposed relation to it, would they react in that fashion?

    Have fun.
  6. /Future Corpse/

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    I would have to disagree. It seems that she is under the assumption that one only lies because of guilt. However there are many reasons to lie.
  7. oortpower

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    I agree with future corpse a lie might be for a good reason. You might want to help someone, for example, but most people would probably perfer the truth., but the truth can hurt (thats a cliche) so you might want to lie.
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    Removed so you don’t get the wrong idea about me. LOL especially after what happened to ATS .
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    OH WOW! We have this youngster we took in and lying is his "way of life", his philosophy if you will. He knows he lies, he admits he lies, he likes to lie, and he can't stop lying, about anything, everything, and nothing of any importance whatsoever! We used to get really ticked about it, but hey after five years of it, we have gotten used to it, and so whenever he says one thing, we just accept that it is the exact opposite! We also tell him his nose will keep growing even after his face stops :ham:
  10. tablet

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    IF I say something to you and have a good reason for saying it, am I lying? By the way, I can see some humour in your post, was it for me or icewolf? :)