Archaeology Traces of a Lost People - Colorado Plateau

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    Who roamed the Colorado Plateau thousands of years ago? And what do their stunning paintings signify?

    Deep inside Utah's Horseshoe Canyon, the eight-foot-tall "Holy Ghost" hovers above a sandy wash, shimmering against the relentless sun. Ancient nomads created the larger-than-life image, reports author Kurt Repanshek, by filling their mouths with red-ocher-tinted paint and spraying it out with a mighty burst onto the sandstone.

    The "Holy Ghost" is the focal point of the Great Gallery, a vast mural running some 300 feet in length and featuring more than 80 figures. David Sucec calls the Great Gallery the "Sistine Chapel" of Utah's Barrier Canyon—as this style of rock art is called—and says the men and women who painted it were true artists.

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