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  1. JcMinJapan

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    Ok, I think this is naturally the best way to start. Can you post forums that you would like to see. I would like to get an idea of what people are interested in. Any ideas good or bad are welcome. First, we need to know what our maindens & minions like. :D I think we want to make this for all us us. A good variety about ignorance denied.
  2. I think that the first forum should be dedicated to the story of rings. As in the winners perspectives, maybe some thoughts from Hunt_Admin on some behind the scenes stuff, and definately what the captains were up to all that time while working on I think that it will make a great an excellent topic for conversation.

    EDIT: Maybe title the forum "The Fellowship of the Rings" LOL!
  3. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Good idea, I was actually thinking about this as well. It will probably not last too long, maybe a month or so, but this is our path to the site. So, this could be sort of our monument to the HUNT.

    I was also thinking Introductions (of course, this is something we need)

    So, once we get a handle on other stuff and things, we will go into thinking mode. We will keep everyone updated and involved. Since this was a TEAM Effort, then it should be for all of us. I want to make this the ultimate forum..... :D
  4. Seth Bullock

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    Hi everybody.....
  5. Zsandmann

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    Possible topics:

    History of 'The Hunt'


    On this day in History: A daily thread about something interesting in history and discussion

    Earth Changes: Im a geologist so things like earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tornadoes.....
  6. DreamLandMafia

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    How about a forum for riddles and puzzles similar to Find The Rings? People can post things and everybody else can try and solve them.
  7. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    That is a great idea. Gotta stay in mental shape for the next hunt! ;)
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  8. Cinderloft

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    I really like the "This day in history" idea Z. Also, I was thinking about a Chemtrail analysis thread. Gather info from not just north america, but around the globe, investigations both public and independant, correspondence with flight officials, politicians, etc, basically a place to build the case against chemtrails and total disclosure and civilian examination of them and everything behind them.

    Also, I dont know how many people know about a guys (forgot his name) project of linking all the major corporations together. a sort of who owns what within the media, congolmorites, etc. The guy had extensive flow charts and such. We could start putting all that info together, connect the dots. (Love the DOTS! lol)

  9. Cinderloft

    Cinderloft Premium Member

    DLM: Definately a forum to keep one's mental edge sharp.

  10. elevatedone

    elevatedone New Member

    very good ideas so far everyone !!!

    I have one of my own even...

    this site is about denying ignorance... so,

    How about a forum all about ...
    Internet Hoaxs and the way they were proven false and denied !!
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  11. paperclip

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    how about a forum called Around The World or something like that, where we could post positive things about other countries, cultures, continents, stories about different religions and cultures co-existing together, you know, stories about small people away from all the goverment bullshit.

    With all the hatred and ignorance around us, such thread would be a nice change and a great opportunity to learn more about others.
  12. TheMaTrIx

    TheMaTrIx New Member

    Yo people, nice to see a fresh site emerge as the new center for Ignorance Denial and Information awareness.

    Lets hope this place can be what ATS used to be.

    ATS has now grown out of its original purpouse, don't take me wrong, its still a great site. But its size and variety of members limits its posibilities.

    Btw, whats the status on website administration and stuff?
    Will XMB mods be added to the site on your request?
  13. blanketgirl

    blanketgirl Premium Member

    I really like these ideas and the introduction idea... many times it is very important if you know about the person posting because you can't understand perspectives as well just through written text.

  14. blanketgirl

    blanketgirl Premium Member

    I just thought of this-
    When I was doing my profile, it asks about newsletter subscription...

    Someone had brought up about a month ago the idea of making a newsletter or publication (maybe monthly or so)
    Maybe this could be a way to research and organize it.

    This whole board could be dedicated toward the topics to be covered and to help the authors of the articles research.

    That would be awesome, because using ATS wouldn't work out with it already being completely formed- it could be the ignorance denied newsletter- and be about getting truth out.

    That would be so much fun!
  15. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    Guys these are all awesome ideas, Im getting pumped. TheMatrix right now the 4 captains are admin, so assuming we new how to use board code ;) I suppose we could change things up as we saw fit. I will look into this, maybe we have upper ATS personal to aide us in site development if not the position may be open to someone more coding inclined than myself.

    Z Out
  16. DreamLandMafia

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    If you need any help with the coding and any upgrades (XMB Hacks) ill be happy to help with it. Iv had a few XMB Boards before, theyve all been shutdown since though. :cool: Unless SkepticOverlord would be handling it...then the board is ShipShape :up:

    I also like the "This Day In History" idea. Alot of people dont know much about the past and itll be good to educate us members.
  17. John bull 1

    John bull 1 New Member

    Hey Captains ! :)

    Congratulations !!!

    My suggestion for a forum would be to utilize what has brought you all together.

    Captains and active hunt members have become rather expert at problem solving.The hunt has brought you together as a team.I would suggest you search out problems on the internet and work together to find answers and perhaps claim prizes.I feel sure your pooled efforts would pay dividends.

    From my point of view it would be very handy to have such a community able to help ATS with other problems perhaps related to terrorism if they ever arose.


  18. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    How bout like a Brainstorming Forum? Where we can come up with ideas for projects or whatever get peoples ideas, then go out and do it in its relative forum.
  19. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    I like this idea also: I see two sub-groups. An Ignorance Denied RPG team, and a ID fact-finding and problem solving crew.

    Keep these ideas going guys this is great.

    Mission1: We need new smilies.
  20. Heres an Idea:
    Since this site will be devoted primarily to denying ignorance why not have a forum devoted to the increadibly ignorant. You could have things like Dumb Criminal News, political goofs, etc. I think that it could turn out to be a very entertaining discussion.