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  1. pineappleupsidedown

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    These types of cases frusrate me to no end. The boy is taking an Honors class. When you take an Honors English course, its a given you will have summer assignments. So whats the big deal that he is having assignments in math.

    The boy is also 17. He does not need a full time job, and if he does need to in order to support his family, he should talk to the teacher about it, not ban HW for everyone. It makes the rest of the year stressful.



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  2. DreamLandMafia

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    Good for him...summer isnt a time to be doing School work.

    My schools usually give "recommended" work to do over Summer Vacation, but of course I dont do it. Its stupid, its summer, we're supposed to be out of school, not do work while the teacher sits on his butt all summer.
  3. Gopher

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    I believe the lawsuit is in poor judgement. In my county, when you sign up to take an advanced class, such as honors or AP, you are informed you will have assignments. If you are not willing to put forth effort over the summer why would you put forth the effort during the school year? So in a way you could say they are weeding out students who are not prepared to take the class. Also, i'm sure alternative arrangements could be made if a line of communication was pursued with the teacher.
  4. Aubiefan05

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    I had to do quite a bit of summer work for AP courses over the past couple of summers, BUT it was just part of the curriculum it was known when we signed up for the class that it would be required. Also, the boy in the case said that his summer was "stressful" because he had homework in addition to a job...well, they can't tailor a curriculum to fit in with his work sounds like he could have used a class in time management and responsibility, to be honest. If he wasn't willing to do summer work, he should have passed on the advanced placement classes.

    Just my two cents, I also worked full time over the summer and didn't have any trouble getting my AP assignments done, definitely nothing to go running to a lawyer about...
  5. mscbkc070904

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    I dont get this, when I was in school, I worked a full time job and had honors or AP course and still did what was required. I mean look at college students who work part time, some even full time jobs (per say meaning the hrs, not M-F 9-5) and be full time students in school and still make 3.6 or above GPA. My wife worked 40-50 hrs a week as a Lead RN while going to school full time for her Phd and held down a house and took care of 3 of her sisters kids when she wasnt working or going to school, by herself for 5 yrs.

    If the kid cant do it, then that is his fault and he could have done one or 2 things, talk to the counselor at the camp and had his hours reduced per say 10/wk, giving him 30 hrs and the other 10 for his class, or withdrew from the course.

    But a law suit for that. I hope they investigate all that he did. I mean do the math:

    168 hrs in a week
    -40 hrs for work = 128 hrs left
    -56 hrs for sleep (figuring a 8 hrs/day) = 72 hrs left
    -14 hrs for getting ready for the day and for gettign ready for bed (i.e. showers, dressing, so forth) = 58 hrs left
    -10 hrs for driving back and forth to work (only and estimate 30 min there 30 min back) = 48 hrs left
    -11 hrs for eating (est. 35 min per meal, per day and its over exaggerated on the time, but I put in time for cooking as well) = 37 hrs left
    Now figure there are on avg 8 wks of summer for most students, take the 37 hrs x 8 = 296 hrs, which equals to in days = 12.3 days
    If he couldnt get a simple presentation done in that time, then I dotn know what to say. I think he spent his time hanging out and push the project to the side and did when he felt like it and when it came down to the last minute liek 2-3 wks before he tried to cram it in taking all of his time up.

    That lawsuit should be thrown out of court period. Thats my 2 cents worth.
  6. switchblade

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    I don't know how the legal system works too well outside the UK, but I hope this man and work shy son paid for that case themselves. Over here, they probobly would have got Legal Aid to pay for it - yet another waste of public money.
  7. oddtodd

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    The legal system in the US works like this (especially in California) :

    If you are hurt on the job = retirement package

    If you are hurt off the job=state funded retirement package

    If you get in a car accident (and live)=winning the lottery

    If someone looks at you funny and makes you cry=defamation of character or slander suit =couple years off with pay

    If you are honest and hard working and understand that mistakes are made by infallible humans = you lose your case

    To quote Mark Twain : " To many lawyers , not enough lightning"

    This guy is a wuss , Pineapple said it straight that this guy probably doesn't HAVE to have a job , especially if daddy has enough $$ for a frivilous lawsuit .

    I have had a job since my first paper rout at age 11 , no sympathy here.....
  8. mscbkc070904

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    I wouldnt say if you were in a car accident you win, I lost bigtime, this guy ran a stop sign and I plowed into him at 55. The police report even stated he was wrong. Both cars totalled. Both had the same insurance company, end result, I loose, have to pay for damages, no new car or even another junk car (mine was brandnew only 7 months old) and he winds up with a brand new car and my insurance goes up and I had to pay for the totalled car. I had to battle legal stuff for over a year and still lost. Justice system I have very little faith and it sickens me guys like this one will win a retarded argument and get a settlement beyond anything.