Sociology To Rule And Dominate

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by tablet, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. tablet

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    I though only human have such desire. I watched National Geography and found that this actually exist in the animal kingdom, especially MONKEY! They're level of power and there's a family that consider to be high above all other monkey. You get the picture.

    Now... why is there "To rule and dominate"?
  2. oddtodd

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    I think with monkeys it's about how many girl monkeys the Alpha can lay claim to . What I find interesting is that some of them "cheat" on the dominate male with the younger bucks (why get in the old boys face when you can get a little on the side without him finding out right?) and also that homosexual activites occur within primate communities . ( I may have seen a similar documentary)

    We have the same actions occuring in homosapian communities and I wonder how distant we are from our primate relatives . If a room full of monkeys actually could type , I think we would find them here ... They are not ignorant , just creatures of habit ... :mnky::brkdnc:
  3. tablet

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    Interesting. I think I watched the different one.

    There's this big monkey eating something and then you have a smaller monkey trying to poke the big monkey mouth (to get what is in the mouth and try to eat it).

    The small monkey did this because it know that it belong to a higher family. No one will dare mess with it.

    The big monkey didn't do anything because it know it can't... if it fight the small monkey, then all the other monkey will attack it. It's funny but very interesting how the monkey society run.
  4. oddtodd

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    I guess we all take care of our own.... Only family could steal(or attempt to) the food from my mouth . I did see a documentary where the female monkeys would nurse a baby even if it was not theirs . And here I am still waiting for misses right :roll:
  5. junior_smith

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    Are you talking about alpha males and that such?

    P.s. i still want to rule the world, but then i want to give it all away, and fake my death
  6. Jamuhn

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    There's a large territorial element that comes into play with various animals as well. Sometimes people like to scoff at others who surround their property with fences, but it happens in other places as well. Does that mean that we should not hold ourselves to different morals than animals though? Murdering is illegal for humans, even if it is for food.

    I think we are just able to take all our desires to a greater extent. You won't see a monkey building a four-lane highway through a forest anytime soon. It's just different degrees of magnitude.
  7. tablet

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    Was our highway and road build by slave? I'm asking cause I'm not sure.