Human Biology To Fast Or Not To Fast

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by tablet, Dec 17, 2004.

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    How often do you fast? (Fasting) and is it healthy? Some religious people do it.
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    It depends on you define a "fast." According to my priest, on religious days of fasting you are allowed a small meal and a snack (such as a piece of fruit, toast, etc).

    Independent of religious days of abstaining, there are tons of different ways to "fast." Some people go on liquid fasts, some go with just water, some go completely cold turkey for a while...and some people don't intentionally fast but occasionally have a period where they just don't eat much. Some people refer to skipping a meal or two as fasting, some go for days. Some do it for health reasons as "cleansing", and some do it for weight loss (not advisable).

    Anyway, to answer your question, personally I have kind of weird patterns and it's not unusual to go for quite a while without eating, but it doesn't have anything to do with spiritual issues or anything, and I do make an effort to keep myself hydrated.
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    Fasting has been around since the beginning of civilizations, some do it for religious observance and others for cleansing of the body.

    I have done fast once in a while when I want to control eating.

    Sometimes a day of fast will reduced the amount of food that you consume.

    Anytime that you eat lest your stomach will reduce in side making you able to control the amount of food you consume.

    This help in a better way to lose weight when overeating is part of it.

    Occurs you have to be much disciplined to do this.
  4. I am an overweight person, so I havent fasted in years. Seems to be a good thing as long as it isnt habit forming.:gomods:
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    depends on age.

    >18 the only purpose fasting serves is to cleanse the body
    <18 the above statement and the ability to follow directions

    not recommended for overweight people, as they will just compensate for the lost food and then some, later on get heavier.

    The only way to lose weight is to excercise (aka moving around, making that extra trip to the refrigerator, or moving the refrigerator further away)
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    excersize sometimes causes a large person to develop more muscle mass and hence gain wieght . Diet and excersize are needed in combination... I need to shed a few pounds of empty carbos , and I will do so 12 ounces at a time :D .

    My landlord is muslim , and just finished Ramadan (sp?) . Nothing passes the lips after sunrise , not even water , til sunset . He was pretty loopy by the end of the month because he could eat his dinner , but would not get up early enough to eat breakfast . Not health IMO .

    I can understand the health aspects of fasting , but not being a religious person , I don't see the need to starve myself as a form of homage , or a pennance for guilt . I do it when I am broke ! Usually the day before payday it is mac and cheese with a can of tuna...
  7. I only fast when I'm broke, which is more often now that I am unemployed.