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    do we have any good artists? I cannot draw worth a crap, but I have some great ideas. It would be cool to have an IDer win this one! We could pull all of our ideas together and someone could draw it. The artist is of course the winner, but if someone is there that can draw, I would help! Just put ID on the logo of the spacecraft.... :lol::lol:

    Anyone up for the challenge? Register here

    What lies beneath the hazy atmosphere that envelops Saturn's moon, Titan? Is the surface of the moon dotted with seas of liquid ethane? Do icy crags stretch towards a dim orange sky where high noon is only as bright as 1/1000th the level of daylight on Earth? No one knows -- yet.

    On January 14, 2005, The European Space Agency's probe Huygens will plummet through the atmosphere to give us our first detailed look at Titan. Before the probe breaks through the clouds to image this mysterious moon, we invite you to imagine what Huygens will find and enter The Planetary Society's art contest.


    Four First Prizes (two Youths, two Adults) and up to twenty Second Prizes will be awarded. A Grand Prize Winner will be chosen from among the First Prize Winners.

    The Grand Prize is a trip to Darmstadt, Germany to be on site at ESA's Space Operations Centre for the descent of the Huygens probe!

    All Winners' artworks will be displayed at ESA's European Space Operations Centre during the Huygens mission to Titan. All Winners will also receive a Planetary Society Prize Package including one year free Planetary Society membership, a Certificate of Honor, a Cassini-Huygens Mission Patch, an ESA poster, pin, and keychain, and a “Nine Planets” lithograph set.

    Two Special Prizes (one Youth and one Adult) will also be awarded for that art most closely resembling any portion of the actual Titan panoramic landscape taken by the Huygens probe during its final stages of descent. These awards will be made within 30 days following the return of the actual Titan image data, and will each consist of a framed and autographed Huygens photo of the Titan landscape.
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    really now ! becasue that just happens to be what i do! i paint extra solar MUAHAHAAH! and i draw herer take a look...


    this guy is still being worked on...


    ok i dont want to kill this whole server.. haha

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    one of my pics was way too big sorry

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    OH yea im entering ahahaha! GWAHAHAHAHA! ill keep yall updated on my paint and how its comign out

    but fisrt what size im thinking 11 x 12 or something not too bif but not that small
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    unfinished painting

    here is a painting that I started last year...ha ha ha, took me 3 hours...and I have never gotten around to finishing it...


    I found the image on the internet...and tried to copy it

    will finish it one day !

    I LOVE drawing & I will give this a go
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    My oh my, what kind of vaccine did you took? It amazes me that people here at ID can draw! :0
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    Ok, for you artists and non-science buffs. Now, the explanation of Titan is a guess. I was going to provide the view that scientists think, but the parts I took out of the report below give is perfectly.
    By the desciption Below, lets just say that ZSan would be having a field day!

    Remember to photograph your painting. It will be great to see what members some up with. :D
    Now, some pics:
    This is a radar photo of the surface taken just a few days ago.

    This was taken on the 28th of October
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    Has anyone submitted the pics yet? Any updates on your progress of the paintings? I am wanting to hear what you are thing and how it is going. It will be great to have IDers enter. :D
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    I deecided to say scebew it bedause i read teh requirments and you have to live in europe to go to the space center place for the grand prize and for me that was the wole point i could care less about teh other stuff but any way i may still enter if i ever get soem time to paint again!

    im so dam stocked with my schedule i have almost no time to do anything time comsumeing this is just a post so i can procrastinate homework! :p