Physical Science Time Or Location?

Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by tablet, Oct 3, 2004.

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    Let's see where this will take us.

    Suppose that Cinderloft and I are going to a destination. Cin will drive there, I will walk. And we both have a cell phone with us
    to keep in contact of what will happen.

    No doubt that Cin will get there before me. He will be "ahead in time" because he use a machine to get there while I walk bare feet.
    Which takes longer.

    Cin notified me of all the accident that occured on the path we both travels, he witnessed all the accident and basically report them
    to me (i haven't seen the accident yet. because I'm "behind in time")

    Given more time I will get to the spot where accident occurred. And these thing are not new to Cin as he already witnessed and now
    at his destination.

    I'll begin by saying that Cin is ahead of me in time.

    But you can look at it differently, it could be location. I'm in the middle, so it doesn't matter which is which. What matter is your
    input... so what is it? anything beside time or location?

    Is there such thing as Location? Think deeper. Location could be TIME itself and vice versa. There is nowhere.

    I'm all ears.
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    this kind of goes with time being the 4th dimension in that the furhter you are away from something the longer it takes the information to get to you.
    possibly because you are getting cinder's information it is when he passed the accident, and maybe the accident itself is already clened up by the time you get there.

    something from a different angle would be to say that it is impossible to ever get to the crash because to cover 100% of the distance you firtst have to cover 50% of the distance and if you keep covering 50% of the distance you will never make it to your destination
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    The two object might be in different location, but one of them came first. If both were there, then they're there at the same TIME.
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    I don't know anything about 4th dimension, so you're talking to someone who just got out of his cave. :pbjtime:

    So 4th dimension is about TIME right? We are in 3rd dimension, take time into consideration it becomes 4th?

    Tell me if the below example is 4th dimension.

    It takes time to go to B from A. For things to even occure, it requires TIME.

    Suppose the accident happened. We're going to label this time X. And Cin witness the accident, this was
    possible because Cin happen to be in Time X. The same time that the accident occured. (my grammar aren't good,
    forgive me)

    I wasn't there to witness the accident, therefore I was at some different TIME, let's call it Y. Anything that is about
    to happen without warning is considered to be the FUTURE.

    In this case, the accident that just occured is the FUTURE. And we're going to pause this for a moment. Imagine you can
    pause everything that just happened. Cin's jaw dropped in slow motion and everything freeze. And we're going to study
    the freeze images in our head.

    In time X, Cin is there. The accident and everything (think of it as a sphere, or circle)
    In time Y, I'm at some other location, half way from time X (i'm outside of the sphere).

    Now for me to get to time X, it requires another TIME. Let's call it Z. One thing that all of the time X,Y and Z have
    in common is that they're always increasing.

    I might get to time X, but by the time I get there, time X is already ahead (if Y increase, so will X)... I can never catch up
    with time X. I can only witness the residue and its footprint that time X left behind. However, Cin was there when the
    accident occured. Therefore, he was part of the future, he saw everything. I was in the past. OR the "before" state.
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    tablet, it's more like the speed of light in reltation to our viewing,
    so if you looked at the sun you would see it 8minutes ago because of the time it takes the light to travel, anything on our earth is way too close.

    also that's why scientists look deep into galaxy's and such to try to find information about the big bang, because they would be looking at a possible earth like planet during it's birth.