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Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by junior_smith, Jan 23, 2005.

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    That is awesome ! It sounds so "Tesla Death Ray"

    I wonder (first if it realy works) if it will be bought and put on a shelf to rot away , or WHO will get to it first !!!!

    Alexander Nobel (peace prize dude) invented dynamite and thought with its amzing destructive powers that it would cause an end to war if everyone had it ! ( Wrong , but good idea)

    This could be a benefiet in proper hands , or a curse in others ...

    I'm going to look into this one for sure !

    Thanks JS !
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    Wow, all I can say is WOW.

    who knows what else this machine can uncover...
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    A machine that can see through wall

    I'm not convince yet.

    There's a possibility that this is possible but I don't understand how someone can create something like this in his garage without any research/blueprint/schematics. It just came out of his dream?

    How controllable is this machine and how did he see his wife's car plate number but not through the car? Were he able to control the Angel Light's focus? and how come there's no picture of the see through wall?

    edit: check out his other project.. Project Grizzly
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    That is what I was wondering also. If you can see through the wall, why not see through the car also? And if he looked at his hand, why not see through the hand. But... I am still hopeful that this is real... ;)

    If they would name the MIT Scientists, it would be awesome to try and get an interview with them... lol....
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    I hope it's real! but if it is wouldn't it be a threat to... let's say the creator of Star War defense? IF it's possible that this machine can do things like that then we should think twice about wasting our money for star war project. I almost fell of my chair for a moment when I first read about this machine seeing through wall.

    Anyway, could you think of the danger this device might bring beside seeing through wall?
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    This system, if its real, could be very beneficial to the medical field, police force, and of course defense. However, the defense part can backfire on that.

    I do hope that they pursue this, but on the basis for good reasons, not for threat purposes. And of course fix it so it doesnt hurt people. But imagine the possibilities, medical field, xrays will be the primitive technology, surgery at all new heights without having to use fiber optics, as for police, know the situation before going in, be able to stop high speed pursuits, etc.
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    I was thinking about how this may work and thought about how we see things because light reflects off of them . If we see the color red , it is because the object absorbs all the colors of the spectrum EXCEPT red and we are seeing a deflection of that part of the spectrum .

    he may be using different forms of light / lasers / energized particles to remove a substances ability to absorb or reflect light . This would have to be done in layers as colors change through a wall (paint , sheetrock , insulation , wood , and then the reverse on the other side) .

    It might be that something like a hand is to layered and complex to see beyond just a few layers , but an inanimate solid object is more simple .

    Layering would also explain why he could only see through the wall , and not the car . To many layers would be increasingly complex .
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    Just did a search on this guy (last night actually) and he seems pretty clever , take a look at tablets link to see his bear proof suit used for close observations .

    He has apparently made a flame/ retardant paste that I read he put on his head and then took a blow torch to it with a thermometer in between his scalp and the paste , with no noticable affect .

    I would like to think he has stumbled onto a unique combination of modern technology that could make his claim possible ( I am also waiting for that anonomous closet inventor to share a clean power source with everyone before it is taken from him .) seriously...

    Sometimes the lack of knowledge of our present "scientificaly accepted" physics will allow an individual to use his or her ignorance and innovation in a ground breaking discovery .

    I need to start assembling my widgets into something !

    Ignoring what people tell you is not possible is a good thing sometimes !
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    IF it requires layering then how can it defy physics? Isn't what he's doing physics? Don't we already have technology that can see through wall but not the way Troy is explaining it? Wouldn't layering requires that you have knowledge of what's behind the wall? And don't forget, as soon he turn that thing on all the goldfish died. This happened when he try to point the beam at the tank of goldfish. So how can it be called "Angel Light"? when it cannot see through a human body whereas X-Ray can and doesn't harm.

    Do you guy remember the man who claimed to successfully cloned a child???

    edit: another thing....
    When Troy said his machine can see through wall, what he's saying is that you can see through it like the all seeing eye. "Troy dreamed the Angel Light would be able to see through walls with window-like efficiency"
    You know one of those gameboy/or see through computer system where you can see all the component? like glass through.

    “I could see my blood vessels, muscles, everything, like I’d taken an Exacto knife, cut into my skin and peeled it back,” Hurtubise said. ???????????