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    Was inspired to compel a list, brief as it is, of innovations inspired outside of the USA...from the dam of capitialisation thread...

    Some of this may surprise you, as it did me:

    Airship - Henri Giffad - France
    Anthrax Vaccine - Loius Pasteur - France
    Antibiotics - Alexander Fleming - UK
    Aqualung - Jacques Cousteau - France
    Automobile- Nicholas Cugnot - France
    Ballpoint pen - Ladisala & Geor Biro - Hungry
    Battery - Alessandro Volta - Italy
    Hot Air Balloon - Montgolfier Brothers - France
    Cholera Vaccine - Louis Pasteur - France
    Cinema - Auguste & Louis Lumiere - France
    Elastic / Rubber - Thomas Hancock - United Kingdom
    Electric Lightbulb - Humphry Davy - UK **
    Electric Toaster - Crompton & Co - UK
    Helicopter - Paul Cornu - France
    Internal Combustion Engine - Etienne Lenoir - Belgium
    Lego - Godtfred Kirk Christiansen - Denmark
    Matches - Gustav Pasch - Sweden
    Pasteurisation - Louis Pasteur - France
    First Photograph - Joseph Niepce - France
    Piano - Bartolommeo Cristofori - Italy
    Steam Train - George Stephenson - UK
    Safety Belts - Volvo - Sweden

    ...more to come...

    ** No, not Thomas Edison -
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    Wow, the things they do not teach you in school.. (edison)
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    Yes, the true story of Edison and the bulb is not the one I was taught either.
  4. helenheaven

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    Aerosols - Erik Rotheim - Norway
    Bicycle with cranks and pedals - Ernest Michaux - France
    Fax (photo electric system) - Dr Arthur Korn - France
    Fax (concept) _ Edouard Belin - France ( 1907!!!!! sent a telephoto transmission)
    Heart Transplant - Christiann Barnard - South Africa
    Pacemaker - unknown - Australia
    Pneumatic Tyre - John Dunlop - UK
    Rabies vaccine - Louis Pasteur - France
    Smallpox Vaccine - Edward Jenner - UK
    Telescope - Hans Lippershey - Netherlands*
    Television - John Logie Baird - UK
    Thermometer (medical) - Thomas Allbutt - UK
    Watch - Peter Henlein - Germany
    Velcro - Georges de Mestral - Switzerland
    X- Rays - Wilhelm Rontgen - Netherlands

    * Galileo built one too...

    Gosh the French were prolific and great inventors were they not ?
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    Seems to be alot of French inventors listed, makes you wander how they are still a country after all the wars, ones they declared and ones declared on them, as well as being overran so many times before.

    IMO, yes they may have inspired to invent them, but it seems the US produced alot of these moreso than the countries that invented them...some of the items listed, NOT all of them.
  6. helenheaven

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    Altimeter - Louis Paul Cailletet - France
    Aluminium - Hans Christian Oersted - Denmark
    Anemometer (Also known as Wind Vane) - Leon Battista Alberti - Italy
    Answering Machine - Valdemar Poulsen - Denmark
    Archimedes Screw - Archimedes - Greece
    Ashphalt - Thomas Telford and John Loudon McAdam. - Scotland
    Ballistic Missiles - Hyder Ali, prince of Mysore- India
    First Adhesive patent - UK
    Paper making Machine - Nicholas-Louis Robert - France
    Printing press - Johann Gutenberg - Germany

    ....cripes...this is going to take forever
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    Hmmm. not sure of the effect war has had on the French in terms of inventions...but they did invent the guillotine right ? They have had their ups and downs...(yeah, I know I am a comedienne...oh look they gave us language too...

    PS: How many times have they been over run ?
  8. helenheaven

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    So your point is the US went into manufacturing ?

    What items do you think the USA produces more of on its' home turf than elsewhere?
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    As in what part of what century, helen? If you are talking about in the last 30-40 yrs, we sort of know that answer now....but look at Ford and GM, they produced cars, trucks, tractors so an example...
  10. mscbkc070904

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    As far as how many times was France overran, not sure, but I was making a stupid remark, that instead of taking care of their own country and picking fights with neighbors they knew they couldnt beat, they went on the rampage of inventing things that they get very little credit for nowadays...yes they invented their modern version of the guillotine, but similar versions existed prior, just France liked to have public showings which made it popular.
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    This thread was inspired by this comment:

    Originally posted by bodebliss
    "Actually those innovations were created by our research universities w/ government $$ and sold or given away or stolen by foreign countries.This is well known . They have had hearings on this on capital hill. This is a problem in the rest of the world . They for the most part have systems that are anti-innovation, so they wait for ideas to fall from the American tree.They have semenars about: "Why can't the rest of the world be innovative?" "

    It just pricked my curiosity about how many inventions we take for granted have been gifted to the rest of the world by the USA.

    Okay, scotch tape and post its, Al Gore gave us the internet ( and where would our sorry souls be on a Friday night without it ? ) but in reality it seems to me that the majority of life changing innovation and invention has originated outside of the USA. I'm not trying to put the USA down, just to get a perspective on what the USA has contirbuted to our lives today being salient to the comment above.
  12. mscbkc070904

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    I know there was alot of things created/invented outside the US, but it wasnt given the attention like it should have. And like any person, place or country, they will see it as a good idea, take it, make modifications and produce it for sale.

    Its cool what you are putting out there helen, I am not knocking you at all, but of course, bode is on this one way street about that comment. I dont agree with his/her comment that they wait for the US to drop it and others take it, wrong, I could argue that all day and win the arguments, I will shut up now.
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    Here's the advantage of living in a small isolated country...we devour news from everywhere and keep up with the rest of the world's news. (Ok, didn't read about the printing press being invented at the time)

    What I guess you mean is inventions outside the USA get little attention within the USA like they should have ?

    The discovery of DNA would be one of the most important medical innovations in recent times...did everyone know that that was British discovery ?
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    Well, I'm kinda a stickler for facts. The only recent invasions of France I know of was by the Germans and then the Allied Forces in WWII ...does anyone know of past invasions ? In 1346 I think the last English invasion took place.

    France has invaded a score of countries, England and of course large chunks of Africa, Asia, Portugal, Spain, parts of the Pacific.., and they kinda did beat them...

    I'm sure Louis Pasteur would turn in his grave if he thought no was one giving him credit for pasteurisation any more....and all those vaccines of course. :)
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    dont forget FRENCH FRIES, French Dressing, French Kissing... the the infamous French ti.... uhh never mind :shk:
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    and another invention;

    cigarettes - Unknown - England (could be Spain though)

    and it has an interesting story maybe you would like to know about, the merchants those discovered Cuba island saw that the natives are rolling some kind of plants and inhaling their smoke by burning the tip. (cuban cigars) and they thought they could carry these primitive things back to the motherland which could be valuable to the elite, and they did. the rich enjoyed the newly imported habbit which was only for the rich because only the rich could afford importing such goods from another continent and the common public had no experience of it. Until one day the homeless people who feed on the garbages of the rich, disovered the remains of smoken cigars and extracted the remaining tobbaccos, then rolled them in newspapers and smoked them, and voila, the cigarettes were born. Then this gave an idea to the rich and they started to mass produce it for the elite. you see not all inventors are scientists. :D

    and about inventions: not totally related, but this is an interesting read, about Nicola Tesla, greatest inventor of all time. Tell your children about him if you have any, because the school books dont mention him.
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    many wonderful and worthwhile things have been and are invented outside of the u.s.- dont think we ever claim to have the market cornered- the thing is that we as a people, purhaps moreso then others, are able to take an idea ( ours or anothers) and run with it to its fullest extent- for the betterment of all
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    I got a great one:
    the Internet

    from Cern labs in switzerland
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    I've "visited" around 30 or so nations, realizing that none of them are exactly the same.
    If not for our diverse World, what would there be to discuss, or most importantly share.
    Great post!